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  1. risharde

    cPanel admins and hosting providers, could you share your opinion?

    Hi guys, I'm hoping that if you clicked on this, you're a cpanel admin or hosting provider using cPanel. Some of you already know that I build cPanel plugins and I've released a few products in the past. From my experience so far, this niche is a difficult one to target and I've built my first...
  2. risharde

    WHMSUPERB Wordpress Tools for cPanel - LAUNCH

    WHMSUPERB Wordpress Tools for cPanel empowers your users to detect issues, install Wordpress websites and manage website backups! [LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT] Purchase license $9.99 / year (15% discount!) OR install for free 14-day trial Click for more details and see screenshots Features...
  3. risharde

    Dacentec does not have DDoS protection

    Hi guys, I thought this was interesting since I remembered seeing a post on another forum that Dacentec were beginning to offer DDoS protection. Well it turns out that this isn't true. My dacentec box was hit with a 3 gbit ddos and it was null routed. I am actually glad to finally confirm...
  4. risharde

    Worst experience ever on LowEndTalk

    Hi guys, I have to admit, I hardly frequent here... particularly because I was a fan boy from years back and consistently visited the forum. However, I became very upset tonight when I spoke out about RAID 10 failures after Jarland commented as though this is normal and seems to be expected...
  5. risharde

    UptimeTrack - Free website and server monitoring!

    Hi guys, I would like to introduce you to UptimeTrack, a new project I have been working on. This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge. UptimeTrack currently offers 10 free uptime monitors at 3 minute intervals.  Why UptimeTrack? You get free monitors at...
  6. risharde

    WHM Superb - Shoutcast, Icecast, Mumble, Apps Installer, Secondary MX and more! - Launch Special 201

    Hi everyone, this is our LAUNCH SPECIAL here on VPSBoard - this is the best deal you can ever get for this product!  Depending on the response, we may make more licenses available at this price but we're starting with 50 licenses so get yours today! WHM Superb is a cPanel/WHM plugin that...
  7. risharde

    How many of you use Cloudlinux with CageFS?

    Hi everyone, a little research into Cloudlinux and CageFS... how many of you use it? Please let me know! Thanks