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    Advice/Recommendations Please on VPS/Dedi Server

    You can go to
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    Hosting effects

    It gives you the capacity to grow your footprint online as well. By providing needed infrastructure (i.e. bandwidth, power. etc...) to reach your full potential.
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    I'm looking for a shared hosting service for a friend

    Does it matter location (i.e. Asia, Americas, EU, etc...)?
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    need vps provider

    You can take a look at They have a a lot years of experience in VPS.
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    Any good web hosts with servers located in Mexico?

    One site you want to take a look at is for a host in Mexico. Also there is that is a good vps provider.
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    DO NOT MISS IT: 20% OFF + 5% OFF x 4 = SAVINGS | Colocation America

    So in case you missed it, here it is, the deal of deals: 20% OFF Today + 5% OFF in 6 Months x4... Let's break it down: E3-1220 V3, 32GB RAM, 1x 1TB SSD TODAY: $89/mo Enjoy unparalleled support & service with Colocation America & BAM in 6 months save 5%... Month 7: $84/mo And so on for 2...
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    NEW DEAL: 20% OFF Today + 5% Savings Every 6 Months After | Colocation America

    It's time for something good & new - here is a deal for anyone & everyone: get 20% off today plus 5% off every 6 months after*. Take 2 seconds to tell us what you need & we will quote it, configure it, & get it ready all in the same day. So sit back & relax... today and every day... you...
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    Which server is the best for me?

    What are your hardware requirements? That way we can better assist you.
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    New Server for a New Normal + 70TB of Bandwidth | Colocation America

    All these talks about a "New Normal" got us thinking - it's time for a new server. With same day turn up, feel the speed & ease of a new server with the latest CPU processor today (legit, today, order now...). The "New Normal" Server CPU: Dual Silver 4214 RAM: 128GB DDR4 RAM HDD: 2 x 1TB SSD...
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    dedicated server hosting services?

    Price will depend on where do you want to colocate this server. Also SSD are going to raise the price as well depending on brand.
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    Perfect VPS Dedicated Server + 50TB Bandwidth | Colocation America

    Looking to turn up more VPS options for clients? For a limited time, we are running a special on our Silver 4110. Get 2 x 1TB SSD Harddrive with Hardware RAID 1 for all your backup needs. Keep your clients online and profitable. Perfect VPS Server - Silver 4110 CPU: Dual Silver 4110 RAM: 64GB...
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    Back to V1, Y'all - Dedicated Server Deal | Colocation America

    To assist your business during this time, we are going old school (back to V1, y'all) and offering a tried and true dedicated server offering. While the world may be a bit uncertain, we are certain this server will provide you with the dedicated hosting option you need at a price that is...
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    Silver Fox Deal - More RAM for our Silver 4110 Server | Colocation America

    There is definitely nothing wrong with becoming a Silver Fox, minus, potentially, some memory lost... In honor of all the Silver Foxes out there, we are giving a memory upgrade for free! With any Silver 4110 server, you get a free RAM upgrade - go from 64GB RAM to 128GB RAM for FREE. (See what...
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    Bare Metal Server Deal with Hardware RAID1 Redundancy

    Let's be real - it's about price & productivity. You and your business need a server that will keep you profitable and connected 24/7. Our servers offer you peace of mind and support when you need it... all the time (I mean, who doesn't enjoy peace of mind and support?!). Price & Productivity...
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    cPanel Special - 300 Accounts + Dedicated Server for Our Lowest Cost Ever

    Looking for a bigger, better cPanel server for all your webhosting needs? Don't wait and get started today. With our latest cPanel server deal, you get a Dual CPU with up to 300 cPanel accounts for free! Stay online and profitable with this deal (and if you scroll down far enough, there is an...
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    New in 2020: cPanel Special - 100 Accounts + Dedicated Server

    It's about that time to get going on your new business venture (or to save money on your current one)! We are here to help you see 20/20 in 2020 with a cPanel deal that will lower your costs and increase your profit. Stay online and profitable with our latest deal (and if you scroll down far...
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    2 x 512GB + 32GB RAM = e5-1650 Server for $129 | Colocation America

    It may be the end of the year, but our deals aren’t winding down. Let us help you bring in the New Year with this amazing server deal. No matter your goals in 2020, we are here to help! E5-1650 Deal – December 2019 CPU: E5-1650 RAM: 32GB DDR4 RAM HDD: 2 x 512TB SSD Data Center: Los Angeles...
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    LA SERVER SALE – 32GB RAM + 2x 512GB SSD w/RAID1 + 50% OFF | Colocation America

    Simple and to the point - here is a great server deal. Experience why so many businesses call our data center home. Stay online and profitable with our latest deal (and if you scroll down far enough, there is an additional code that works for anything on our site). E3-1270v6 Deal – November...
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    1U & 2U Deals in LA & NJ Starting @ $60/month| Colocation America

    The biggest way we can say "Thank You!" sometimes is just to continue to pass on savings to you - our clients, partners, advocates, & friends. We are bringing back our most popular deal - 20% OFF 1U &2U Colocation Plan Deals. Stay online and profitable with our latest deal (and if you scroll...
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    50% OFF Los Angeles COLOCATION - Colocation America

    COLOCATION AMERICA ( is the industry leader in enterprise level colocation hosting providing top quality services and features to our clients at very competitive prices. We operate out of 22 data centers around the United States, located in five major cities: Los...