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    Laptop or Tower PC?

    I don't think I could live without my laptop since I am always on the move haha. 
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    Indie Game Apps

    I will have to check these out. Seems like a good selection. Thanks for the suggestion guys/gals. 
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    Indie Game Apps

    Well I figured since we all use our phones 24/7, it might be interesting to share some Indie game apps we all enjoy. I ran across this little number made by a group called TwinTek. So far seems to be an android app. It kind of remind me of space invaders. ...
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    ModulesGarden Proxmox VPS For WHMCS 1.2, Proxmox Cloud For WHMCS, Advanced Billing For WHMCS

    Any Black Friday specials? Coupons? Promo codes? Looks expensive.
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    {KVM.SH} SSD Powered KVM VPS Servers - Starting at $2.33/mo. for 256MB/10GB SSD/1 Core - $4/mo. for

    I am really sorry about my late reply. I have really busy so I did not get a chance to make updates to vpsBoard. We are also featured on for Thanksgiving, so we are extremely thankful to the community and all of those that support us. Let me address each issue: Because of poor...
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    Get your own /64 IPv6 network without the help of your provider

    We are one of those providers that do not offer native IPv6 at the moment, and we do not offer a time frame for it either. It's not that we don't want to, however the data centers where we are hosted have not implemented it yet. That is why for customers who need IPv6 we install a tunnel on...
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    Quiting smoking.

    My brother quit smoking a 3 years ago. He got to the point of smoking a pack a day so he made up his mind to quit. This was the second he was quitting. The first time around it was about 8 years ago and he went cold turkey. Then two years later he bounced back. So this time around instead of...
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    RamNode OpenVZ SSD-Cached 256MB (ATL)

    Those benchmark numbers look really good, pretty much in line with I have grown to expect from SSD cached nodes :-)
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    {KVM.SH} SSD Powered KVM VPS Servers - Starting at $2.33/mo. for 256MB/10GB SSD/1 Core - $4/mo. for

    I didn't update the 1st moth pricing for each package because the coupon code THXVPSBOARD20 will take 20% off your first billing cycle, so for example if you sign up for the KVM SSD 1024 package you will pay $5.60 for the first month instead of $7, however if you sign up yearly then you will pay...
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    {KVM.SH} SSD Powered KVM VPS Servers - Starting at $2.33/mo. for 256MB/10GB SSD/1 Core - $4/mo. for

    About This Offer: We are proudly posting our first offer on vpsBoard. As you will see, our packages, the performance we offer, the bang for the buck that you will get by hosting with us, and our pricing are extremely compelling. However because Thanksgiving and Black Friday are so close we want...
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    Kernel update without reboot?

    Oracle bought them and are offering a 30 day trial for CentOS/RHEL users. The idea is that after that you switch over to Oracle paid support and Oracle Linux, which is just a RHEL clone (with some extra packages and optianal Oracle modded kernel).
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    VPSAce hacked, database stolen, encryption key for cards likely taken

    How good or bad was their security?
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    Best performance tips when resource constraints are not an issue?

    Isn't that the reason why it was killed for PHP 5.5?
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    [Chicago] Intel Xeon Budget Dedicated Servers From VaporNode - $60/month

    It's harder and harder to find a .com that's still available and is not too long or sounds (too) ridiculous. Give them a break ;)
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    Providers - Let's talk about panels.

    How long did it take you to write it? Did you code it in PHP?
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    POLL: New forum ideas.

    I'm all for a programing forum. I believe that we could use one around here :D
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    Earplugs... yep needed

    Sweet Jesus, $500 electric bill?! Wow! I wonder if some better insulation would help. During summer months I see maybe $200 at the most per month, but nowhere near $500. Of course, I live in NC.
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    ISPConfig 3 AutoInstaller for Latest Debian/Ubuntu

    That sounds good, because a while back ISPConfig 3 used to generate kind of weird Nginx config files. Can you use php-fpm now with ISPConfig 3?
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    Refugee promotion - Limited 72 hour fire sale.

    Nice offers, good luck with them!