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  1. trewq

    Dedicated server (IP announce, single VLAN for multiple units, IPMI)

    Hello everyone, I'm after the following and expect people here may be able to help. The following specs are my minimum requirements or anything equivalent is acceptable. Dual Intel Xeon X5650 48GB RAM 4 x 1TB HDD Hardware RAID Controller 30TB on 1Gbps Port IPMI /30 IPv4 Single...
  2. trewq

    Help me with my WiFi speeds

    Hey everyone, I've encountered an issue with the speed of my WiFi. In the past my internet connection has only been 6Mbps so I have never had to worry about it, however now I have 100Mbps. I would like to point out that wiring cable is not possible. Currently able to pull 74Mbps over wifi...
  3. trewq

    Cloud IDEs?

    Hey everyone, I've been looking at starting to use a Cloud based IDE such as Cloud 9 or Code Anywhere. Does anyone use one? How do you like it? At the moment I'm using notepad++ and my workflow is very inefficient, which I hate. Mostly PHP, JavaScript and HTML/CSS. Some Python and Bash...
  4. trewq

    Places to travel?

    Hey everyone, So I have a month off work at the start of February and I want to go travelling. London, New York and France are on my list of places I want to go currently but I should be able to fit a couple more in. Looking at North America and Europe regions. Any places you have been...
  5. trewq

    Chromebook, yes or no?

    I've been debating if it's worth getting a Chromebook. I already have a laptop and desktop, I just feel I need something in between however I don't want a tablet. I need it to be usable almost instantly, browse the web, 10-11" screen and have good battery life. For those of you that use...
  6. trewq

    Dedicated server for development with /27 IPv4 and /48 IPv6

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a development server that will host VPSes. I'll need /27 IPv4 and /48 IPv6, these requirements can not be negotiated. This server could run on a single drive as redundancy is not necessary. I am looking to spend around $50/month. Location is not important...
  7. trewq

    I can program, I can manage Linux & I can do whatever you need.

    Having trouble setting up your server? Need an automation script made? Need a piece of software configured? Need open source code modified? If you answered yes to any of these questions I'm available. Please keep in mind I can do much more than the above. If you are interested please...
  8. trewq

    managed (OS) - 2 Domains

    Hello everyone, Today I have two domains up for sale. BIN $200 O.N.O Both are registered at and can be pushed free of charge to your account. Payment can be made by PayPal or Australian Bank Transfer.
  9. trewq

    [For Hire] General programmer and/or support person

    Hello, I have quite a bit of free time on my hands at the moment and would like to put it to good use. Have have extensive experience in the following fields: Many programming languages (PHP, HTML, CSS, Python, NodeJS, JQuery, bash, Java and probably a few others I have forgotten about) MySQL...
  10. trewq

    Cloud Shards acquires Versatile IT

    An email was just sent out to all clients of Versatile IT informing them of the acquisition. A copy is as follows.  
  11. trewq

    Versatile IT - 128MB RAM $10/Year | 256MB RAM $7/Quarter | 1GB RAM 5TB Bandwidth $7/Month [IPv6]

    Hey guys and girls! Versatile IT have been providing IT solutions directly to business for the last 7 years. We decided it was time to change our business direction and we now sell virtual private servers from our nodes in Phoenix and Dallas. All Phoenix plans include: 4 Cores (Fair share)...