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  1. Daniel165

    What is dirrerent beetween Cloud hosting & VPS Hosting?

    I'd like to share the answer in briefly VPS hosting is a method of separating a physical server computer into various servers such that each has the features and skills of running on its dedicated machine. Each virtual server can run its entire operating system, and each server can be...
  2. Daniel165

    Any good web hosts with servers located in Mexico?

    I'll recommend bodHOST is a business solution provider offering solutions ranging from managed dedicated servers, custom server solutions, data centers, VPS hosting, web hosting, backups, and spam experts.
  3. Daniel165

    [] 20% OFF Dedicated Servers | Starting from $86/mo Only! | 24x7 Support

    bodHOST is a business solution provider since last 15 years. It offers solutions ranging from managed dedicated servers, custom server solutions, data centers, vps hosting, web hosting, backups and spam experts. bodHOST has a vast collection of web hosting packages and solutions that can meet...
  4. Daniel165

    Windows VPS provider ?

    Have you checked windows VPS service of bodHOST? The basic plan starting see below Basic $29.99/mo 2 vCPU Cores 2 GB RAM 50 GB SDD 1 TB Monthly Windows 2016 Standard Plesk(Optional)
  5. Daniel165

    What is cPanel and How does it work?

    Cpanel is a control panel that can be installed to a server to simplify the processes of hosting a website and it’s maintenance. It is Linux based and provides a smooth interface to admins and website owners to add, update, ping, and secure their accounts on the server.
  6. Daniel165

    Increase traffic?

    I'd love to share some tips to increase traffic on your website -Do SEO - Search Engine Optimization -SEM - Search Engine Marketing -SMM - Social Media Marketing -ORM - Online Reputation Management -Do Guest Posting / Press Release / Article Submission / White Papers -Affiliate Marketing HTH!
  7. Daniel165

    How to improve your VPS service?

    Helpful Answer...!
  8. Daniel165

    Cheap Dedicated Servers

    Over the SERP there are a lot of Web Hosting (Cheap Dedicated Servers) available.
  9. Daniel165

    Which company is best for Dedicated Hosting in Brazil?

    There are many dedicated hosting firm's presences on the Web.
  10. Daniel165

    Which server is the best for me?

    I will recommend Managed Hosting Services – bodHOST. bodHOST is one of the leading web hosting service providers in the US, offering high quality hosting services out of its US-based data center.