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  1. Tux

    Slimming down a mail server

    I followed the Linode Library tutorial to set up email (replacing mysql with mariadb, and copying from another server where I had many of these changes already done - I was just moving the server). My memory usage is sitting at 75MB right now - this isn't bad for a 256MB VPS, but I think I can...
  2. Tux

    Embedding the DokuWiki parser into your website

    I don't know where to stick this, but I just want it out before I code my stuff. With everyone making replicas of household names like SolusVM and WHMCS I might as well share this. Use cases might include: In-context help A lazy man's documentation package Something to add gags onto like ads...
  3. Tux

    Need a small VPS

    After the RamNode incident, we'd like a new VPS to allow us to stay online if our primary RamNode VPS goes dark. Yes, I decided to not go with a backup VPS. I have a OVH dedi from a friend with the storage I need. So anyway, here's what we need: 256MB (but preferably 512MB) RAM 50GB storage...
  4. Tux

    ChicagoVPS 256MB "Basic Holiday Promo" $12/year OpenVZ VPS

    Yeah, I know all of it with ColoCrossing, Chris, Shovenose's bad experience with them, but let's have an honest review of their VPS service. tl;dr: It's really not half-bad, but they need some improvement The meat: the review Provider: ChicagoVPS Virtualization: OpenVZ R/B/D: 256MB/100GB/10GB...
  5. Tux

    Looking for high-storage, high-BW VPS

    Here's what I'm looking for: Location: East Coast, but preferably in Atlanta Storage: 500GB350GB Bandwidth: I'd love 100Mbps unmetered 6TB, port speed >= 100mbps CPU: 1 or 2 core is fine. No CPU caps if possible. I/O and network will be spiking at midnight eastern time (see belwo). Network...