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  1. Bruce

    WHMCS 6.01 is released

      We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS 6.0.1.   Bug fixes I guess   release notes   also, 6.1 is "on its way"  
  2. Bruce

    WHMCS - how to create promo for single clients

    If I want to create promo codes for clients, how can I limit them to just ome client? seems that you can restrict to new clients or existing clients, but not a single client or a subset of all clients. is there an addon module around for doing that?
  3. Bruce

    Host Node - IPtables config

    I'm looking at improving/checking my security on host nodes. Does anyone have info to share on a good IPtables setup for host nodes? My node setup: CentOS 6.6 x64 OpenVZ Virtualizor Nodewatch I'm not looking for help on basic hardening (I think I'm OK there). IPtables setup is initially...