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  1. H_Heisenberg VPN Provider Sniffed Server Traffic to Catch Hacker

    Remember that so praised VPN provider that was advertised here and on LET? Well, just read I mean ok a hacker was using it but talking about not logging and then coming up with this is just.... Lies. I bet...
  2. H_Heisenberg

    [Spoilers] Breaking Bad - Last Episode

    Just watched it and it was awesome! Badass automatic M60 Walter has built up in the desert. Sad to see Breaking Bad going. Thanks good I have all episodes to watch over and over.
  3. H_Heisenberg


    Yeah! It's quite easy to navigate. Not much different than phpMyAdmin, even easier at some points. Thanks for all your replies guys :).
  4. H_Heisenberg

    The great gun debate thread.

    Guns are not the problem. The problem are the people behind them. Would you give a gun to a highly mentally instable person who tried suicide or something or a criminal? No, you wouldn't!
  5. H_Heisenberg


    Hola, Do we have Adminer users here? It was formerly known was phpminadmin (not phpmyAdmin). It's written fully in PHP, only around 300 KB big and has all the features to manage databases. It has theme and plugins support. Supported DBS: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL & Oracle. Compared to...
  6. H_Heisenberg

    ZPanel Hacked

    ^ No it's not. If you install a fresh copy it barely has components installed so it's not bloated. It's not buggy unless you fail to configure the component correctly.
  7. H_Heisenberg

    What is this?

    I doubt this because this is a log of nginx (access_log) and it was trying to access folders that seem to be phpmyadmin ones. But thanks. I will block anything that scans for common software and such. My SSH port is not 22. Changing the SSH port, disabling root login and using SSH key auth is...
  8. H_Heisenberg

    What is this?

    Would it be enough to block this IP via iptables? I have no hardware firewall or something. It's just a OpenVZ VPS.
  9. H_Heisenberg

    What is this? - - [11/Sep/2013:18:59:01 +0400] "GET /MyAdmin/scripts/setup.php HTTP/1.1" 404 136 "-" "ZmEu" - - [11/Sep/2013:18:59:01 +0400] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 404 136 "-" "ZmEu" - - [11/Sep/2013:18:59:01 +0400] "GET...
  10. H_Heisenberg

    What would you want for...?

    Ok and what about shared hosting with these specifications? A memory allocation of 32 to 64 MB via PHP. 2 GB Disk Space and 25 GB bandwidth/mo? The panel doesn't really matter as long as I have FTP, phpMyAdmin and a option to add addon domains.
  11. H_Heisenberg

    What would you want for...?

    Would they make custom packages?
  12. H_Heisenberg

    What would you want for...?

    What would you as a provider want for the following specifications. RAM:  64 MB HDD: 2.5 GB BW: 25 GB @ 10 Mbit/s IPs: 1x IPv4 VZ: OpenVZ Location: Central or East Coast of the United States (non CC!!!) Usage would be education. I would either put up a Wordpress blog with guides for...
  13. H_Heisenberg

    Crissic Solutions LLC abandon LA

    Hostigation :) Los Angeles (QuadraNET DC)
  14. H_Heisenberg

    Get your own /64 IPv6 network without the help of your provider

    Just wondering but this seems not to work for me. "IP is not ICMP pingable. Please make sure ICMP is not blocked. If you are blocking ICMP, please allow through your firewall." I CAN NOT enable ICMP... Also the GoGo Freenet IPv6 tunnel client isn't working either for me (because of...
  15. H_Heisenberg

    OpenQRM anyone?

    Seriously? Wow.... Is there really no one here who has used OpenQRM so far?
  16. H_Heisenberg

    New Solusvm Rlease - 1.14 Stable

    Can someone post me a few pictures of the "new again" look?
  17. H_Heisenberg

    What virtualization are you using? OpenVZ, Xen, or KVM?

    For web hosting & game servers I use OpenVZ or Virtuozzo, perferrable with the RHEL 6 kernel, because it's easy to use, fast & very flexible. I can easily wipe out a container and reinstall a fresh system without having to spend hours for the whole process. Of course OpenVZ/Virtuozzo is limited...
  18. H_Heisenberg

    What is size of your Monitor?

    21,5" @ 1920x1080 I've got only one :).
  19. H_Heisenberg

    OpenQRM anyone?

    Just found a few nice guides on HowToForge about OpenQRM and KVM/OpenVZ/Xen. Anyone of you using OpenQRM? If you do with which virtualization?