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  1. Nyr

    IPv6 tunnel broker with OpenVPN on OpenVZ

    Some people asked about setting up OpenVPN to hand out dual stack connectivity, but looks like no one actually wrote about it. I wanted to set it up on a humble OpenVZ container and a big subnet wasn't available, so I worked around that too. Even while the setup is pretty hackish, it works...
  2. Nyr

    Storage VPS

    So I am in the market for some cheap storage. I would like quotes for both 100GB and 200GB containers. I know about offers from: - Backupsy: my best option at the moment. - BuyVM: no stock, not good experiences with them in the past. - FlipHost: quality of service really went down since...
  3. Nyr

    OpenVPN autoinstaller

    I created this script for myself, but looks like many people found it useful so yesterday I pushed some improvements and bugfixes. Here is it for anyone who can find it useful: TL;DR: wget...