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  1. fisle

    iwStack 4 month review

    In March I decided to cancel my Prometeus KVMSSD2 deal and migrate to iwStack because I needed more RAM so I thought, 'Why not iwStack?' aaand here we are. Provider: Prometeus Plan: iwStack Price: ~7€ / month Location: Milan, Italy Purchased: 2014/03/18 Features: 2 cores @ 2GHz 1024MB RAM...
  2. fisle

    TortoiseLabs/Centarra VPS Review

    Decided to brush up my writing skills for vpsBoard contest, so here goes! I've had a 512M Xen box at their London location for around 9 months now. The specs to prices ratio was so good I could not pass it. I pay $6.75 a month (there was a -30% coupon IIRC) and I get the following: - 512MB of...
  3. fisle

    Swapping screen in a laptop

    Hey guys! My girlfriend managed to step on her netbook - eMachines em350 to be exact, and managed to break the screen. What a surprise :P I bought her a new netbook, so here I am with half-functioning netbook. Now, as you probably know, the resolution on those things is hideous 1024x600. I was...
  4. fisle

    Private Netflix-like clone in Flask

    Hey everyone! I figured that if I never release my code to public, I'm never going to improve. I realize my code is amateurish at best and is full of bad practises. Please help me improve by giving constructive criticism. I have written a small Netflix-like HTML5 video gallery in Flask, Python...