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  1. H_Heisenberg VPN Provider Sniffed Server Traffic to Catch Hacker

    Remember that so praised VPN provider that was advertised here and on LET? Well, just read I mean ok a hacker was using it but talking about not logging and then coming up with this is just.... Lies. I bet...
  2. H_Heisenberg


    Hola, Do we have Adminer users here? It was formerly known was phpminadmin (not phpmyAdmin). It's written fully in PHP, only around 300 KB big and has all the features to manage databases. It has theme and plugins support. Supported DBS: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL & Oracle. Compared to...
  3. H_Heisenberg

    What is this? - - [11/Sep/2013:18:59:01 +0400] "GET /MyAdmin/scripts/setup.php HTTP/1.1" 404 136 "-" "ZmEu" - - [11/Sep/2013:18:59:01 +0400] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 404 136 "-" "ZmEu" - - [11/Sep/2013:18:59:01 +0400] "GET...
  4. H_Heisenberg

    What would you want for...?

    What would you as a provider want for the following specifications. RAM:  64 MB HDD: 2.5 GB BW: 25 GB @ 10 Mbit/s IPs: 1x IPv4 VZ: OpenVZ Location: Central or East Coast of the United States (non CC!!!) Usage would be education. I would either put up a Wordpress blog with guides for...
  5. H_Heisenberg

    OpenQRM anyone?

    Just found a few nice guides on HowToForge about OpenQRM and KVM/OpenVZ/Xen. Anyone of you using OpenQRM? If you do with which virtualization?
  6. H_Heisenberg

    Humble Origin Bundle! Following games for Steam & Origin at the price of $1 - Dead Space - Dead Space 3 (Origin Only) - Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box - Crysis 2 Maximum Edition - Medal of Honor - Mirror's Edge If you pay around $5 you get Battlefield 3 and Sims 3 as additional...
  7. H_Heisenberg

    Happy SysAdmin Day

    Hello, Just wanted to wish you all a happy SysAdmin day. Enjoy your day guys.
  8. H_Heisenberg

    WHMCS Vuln again? Truth or fake?
  9. H_Heisenberg

    KVM anomaly

    Hello vpsBoard! I have a KVM VPS with ACPI and so on enabled in SolusVM and correctly setup in the VPS however when I run "shutdown -r now" or "reboot" the VPS shutsdown instead of rebooting. The SolusVM buttons are working correctly though because I've setup ACPI correctly. Only the two...
  10. H_Heisenberg

    Looking for a free tiny VPS for private usage

    Hello Respected VPSBoard Community, My name is Harold and I'm studying in Germany. I'm looking for someone who could give me a tiny VPS for free. I would be using it for a private SSH Tunnel to unlock services and sites in my country that are locked (like Grooveshark or Pandora Radio, latter if...