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  1. johnlth93

    How do you usually sync files across servers?

    So I came across this article while I was searching on Google about file sync across Linux servers. rsync -  Unison -  git sync -...
  2. johnlth93

    Customer service of EDIS

    I am not sure if this is allowed to post here. If it isn't kindly move it to appropriate sub-forum. Anyway, i have been with EDIS for maybe 1 year or more and it was all fine until recently or this few months to be precise. Not going into the details for now but what i wanted to say is why...
  3. johnlth93

    VPS in South America

    Anyone can recommend any known provider for VPS in South America? 256MB RAM 2GB Space 1TB bandwdith Prefer < $10/month if possible.
  4. johnlth93

    Question about OpenVPN 4to6

    Hi, I am wondering if anything know this. I have been searching around for some times and tried lot of times. Now i able to ipv6 assigned from server to client but there's no route to the internet. Anyone could enlight me how to achieve this 4to6 thing? I don't have native ipv6 that's why i...
  5. johnlth93

    Request for Dedicated or Hardware Virtualization VPS in Singapore

    Hi, I've been using oneasiahost for awhile although they treated me badly since the beginning but i stay with them as they are having great network peering with MY-HK-CN. Now they "finally" decided to "kick" me off their service (probably due the the nature of my server usage) Anyway that...
  6. johnlth93

    How to block torrents/p2p network on OpenVZ container

    Hi, I've searched on google regarding this matter but most of the solutions are for kvm-like system when i can load module on my own. Non are working on OpenVZ AFAIK. So i'm asking if anyone know any way to do that? Don't tell me to block all port it just simply not practical. Tried string...
  7. johnlth93

    Looking for LA VPS

    Reason i looking for LA VPS is because i need better connectivity to asia compared to east coast VPSes. If you can offer west coasts VPS beside LA (Seattle/San Jose/etc) it will be fine for me. Please note that you must be able to tolerate with DMCA(s) because the VPN traffic probably going...
  8. johnlth93

    -m string of iptables in OpenVZ

    Hi all vpsBoard members =) I wanted to ask if that the -m string is not supported by OpenVZ? I am using bunch of VPS with OpenVZ and i found out that those i've tested on doesn't support such parameter -m string where as i will get "no chain/target/match by that name" whenever i tried to enter...
  9. johnlth93

    Looking for Dallas VPS

    Hi, I am looking for Dallas VPS with following specs Let me know what offer you can do for me. Thanks, John Lee
  10. johnlth93

    Looking for VPS offer with WHMCS

    Hi,   I am looking for VPS offer with WHMCS, just let me know the host and i will look up the package myself.   Thanks, John Lee
  11. johnlth93

    [BudgetVM] Linux VPS (OpenVZ) 128MB

    This seem to be my first review post ever  :) Considered my first contribution here  ;) Provider: BudgetVM Plan: Linux VPS (OpenVZ) Price: $14.99/year Location: Amsterdam, Netherland Purchased: 03/2013 Hardware information: cat /proc/cpuinfo processor       : 0 vendor_id       ...