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  1. jcaleb

    ovz vs kvm profits

    From providers here, which brings more profit per node? kvm or ovz?  i mean kvm charges a bit more, while ovz can oversell a bit more.
  2. jcaleb

    Which OS will you support

    Say for example Warren Buffet is your Dad and he gave you 100 million dollars to donate to any Free Operating System project, which one will you support? If I have that much money, I may want to see FreeBSD get more funding and be mainstream =)
  3. jcaleb

    Are the days gone that it's hard to get a buyvm box?

    I miss those times that I need to wake up at 4am in the morning, Manila time, just to get a taste of buyvm. Usually the 128's and 256's are gone in few minutes. Is it just too much competition now and too many choices?
  4. jcaleb

    Web based email

    is it possible to install my own web based email, without having those panels like ehcp, cpanel, kloxo?
  5. jcaleb

    High Availability

    I wish someone will post tutorials for high availability
  6. jcaleb

    Does BuyVM have stock api

    Hello, the website can check the stock if there are available. How do you do such a thing without from the outside?  E.g. If i want to know how much stock buyvm have from my own website?  and i dont have access to their database whatsoever
  7. jcaleb

    Private browsing

    Hello, If I want some of my browsing in the office to be private, what are my options given that I dont have admin account in my windows workstation? Is it only use a VPS with windows and just VNC there? Thanks
  8. jcaleb

    Nginx + Wordpress with caching

    I use nginx for hosting wordpress, but I wanted to take advantage of caching feature of nginx. I tried to look for the config to make it work. So I tried many tutorial, combined some when it worked, the output is below. I assume you have fresh install of nginx, first edit nginx config to put in...
  9. jcaleb

    Simple security

    Hello, This is a simple way on how I secure my VPS. On fresh install, login as root. First create a user you will use to login later, because we will disable root login after a while. adduser jon From your client machine, you will want to copy your key to this user on your server. So that...
  10. jcaleb

    Online Radio

    Hello, This is what I do when I want to play a list of songs (ogg format) and stream it to a client. Install icecast2 which is the audio streaming server apt-get install icecast2You may want to change the default configuration. I recommend to change: port, source-password, relay-password...