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  1. jcaleb

    Online Radio

    what is ices0 @agentmishra?
  2. jcaleb

    Wordpress Theme

    My problem with some commercial themes is updates.  Sometimes they are not updated when WP gets upadted.
  3. jcaleb

    Writing a DB-Oriented Web App - Platform?
  4. jcaleb

    Writing a DB-Oriented Web App - Platform?

    Hi, boss. Give portofino a shot. Can do CRUD without coding. Might save you time.
  5. jcaleb

    vpsBoard birthday contest! Enter to win!

    I have no submission, but happy birthday VpsBoard! More power and success!
  6. jcaleb

    Best vps tutorial site?
  7. jcaleb

    Catalysthost Review

    @Mun when I click read more on your most recent post in it says not found url:
  8. jcaleb

    The difference with ubuntu and debian?

    In my heart, I believe Debian will outlive Ubuntu.  I mean I think Ubuntu has higher chance of going away than Debian.
  9. jcaleb

    The difference with ubuntu and debian?

    Debian on servers, Ubuntu/Mint on desktops
  10. jcaleb

    CatalystHost VPS Review

    I don't like Catalyst, they don't have 4GB RAM plan for 15$/year.  But they do have awesome support, very nice people and rock solid product!
  11. jcaleb

    Little project I'm starting

    is it rewrite everything or you integrate other foss project for mysql, file manager, etc?
  12. jcaleb

    Any Ruby fans?

    twitter got issue with ruby right? its not ror issue but ruby?
  13. jcaleb

    Any Ruby fans?

    is it ruby have performance issues?
  14. jcaleb

    OS X Mavericks

    my mom is using mavericks now
  15. jcaleb

    Favourite Web-dev IDE?

    no brainer, its jetbrains
  16. jcaleb

    How to run Java servlets on a small vps

    For Liferay I think you need more than 1GBRAM
  17. jcaleb

    OpenVZ vs KVM vs Xen (PV and HVM) vs VMWare

    can kvm ram be oversold at 2x?
  18. jcaleb

    iptables replacement incoming?

    i use ipchains when i was sysad 12 yrs ago
  19. jcaleb

    How to secure your wordpress blogs

    i hope WP is somehow secure already by default like b2evolution