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    MannDude travels backwards in time.

    I suspect you will get better mileage out of the pihole, as it provides network-wide protection instead of supported devices. It's also blocking at the DNS level, so the resources aren't being downloaded in the first place. That being said I haven't used Ghostery or uBlock, so I can't comment...
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    Any VPS Recommends (Managed)

    I'm admittedly biased, but SkyToaster may be a good option. 
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    Lets Encrypt: Free SSL Certificates. How will other certificate authorities compete?

    Why does someone buy their hosting from you instead of someone else?
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    Merry Christmas vpsBoard

    Merry Christmas!
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    How many of you use Cloudlinux with CageFS?

    You can add any providers using the PHP Selector (
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Shouldn't that be your pasture?
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    VPS with cPanel

    You would need to have 768MB Ram and 20GB of disk space minimum for cPanel, and in the case of CentOS7 increase it to 1GB of ram. (  If you plan to host more than a handful of small low traffic sites, you...
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    Server Porn, Hardware Porn, SSD Porn, or CPU Porn? Provided for your entertainment...

    and by more please he means just put more of those parts in a to-go box ;)
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    WHMCS to double their price of owned licenses.

    You could always use the ServerPing module for $15 (  I suspect the main reason - it's built in so one less thing to update/maintain.
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    WHMCS 6.01 is released

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    I'm not surprised.  Didn't they stop providing support about a year ago?
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    It's been working fine on KVM nodes for us as well.  They even note support here:
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    WHMCS v6 has been released

    They removed dbconnect in version 5.2.x if I recall correctly.  This one is on the developer in my book.
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    Sneak peak of vpsBoard update

    That's more like it, great work!
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    Server Porn, Hardware Porn, SSD Porn, or CPU Porn? Provided for your entertainment...

    There is no such thing as too much #serverporn ;)
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    What is your preferred web server?

    I've generally found nginx to be easier to work with for my projects, not to mention easier on resources.
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    Easy DCIM Released

    You mean putting html code inside of javascript code, making it near impossible for someone to easily/properly theme their extras?  How about using out of date javascript code that requires you fix it before their modules will even work?   Congrats on the launch - I'll be steering clear.
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    Is it worth having multiple SSD?

    I would ask the question what's cheaper?  Adding another SSD in Raid or Rebuilding the server because of a drive failure? I wouldn't call this extreme redundancy, simple time savings.
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    WHM/cPanel 11.50 Now in RELEASE Tier

    I believe the focus was on adding CentOS 7 support.  That being said the Calendar & Contact Syncing in addition to Greylisting isn't bad.