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    Sync/Migrating a kvm/xen vps to Amazon/similar cloud

    Is it possible to sync a live kvm/xen vps to a cloud provider like amazon? Possible use case of bringing the cloud image to use by change of dns entries, in case of failure of main vps. Down time in such case limited to dns ttl plus dns propagation time. Possible at all? Issues involved? And as...
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    Looking for VPS recommendations

    8 x Intel Xeon CPU 1Gbps Unmetered (10Gbps node) 250GB Dedicated HDD 3GB Dedicated RAM Linux or Windows OS XEN Virtualization 99.9% Uptime SLA SolusVM Control Panel 26$/m Hi all Looking for above specs (which I had from previous provider ) or better. However, the provider has introduced a FUP...
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    Secondary DNS & Secondary MX Service and Rsync/PostgresBackup hosting

    Hello All I am looking to add Reseller type Secondary DNS Servers & Secondary MX Servers to a small biz hosted on a vps, only using lot of domains & subdomains, even though collective data usage should be below 1TB/month, way below for the next year so so. I could grab a couple of low cost vps...
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    Looking for Xen based Linux VPS

    Hello all I am a newbie looking for a VPS with specs. similar to those given below. Request offers & comments on what & whom should I look for. Use case is personal/company hosting for dns, mail, web, vpn, proxy & databases & backups plus some web-scraping scripts. XEN/KVM on Centos 64 bit...