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    New SSL/TLS vulnerability

    It looks like the researchers are at it again with a new SSL/TLS vulnerability - CVE-2015-0204 or the FREAK attack. Naturally, details are available on the exploits website: 
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    HostingCon 2014 - Who's going?

    If you don't already know hostingcon 2014 will be taking place in Miami later this month (June 16-18). I'm planning to attend this year, and was wondering if anyone else had similar plans (Exhibits Only or Full Con)?  It's a decent excuse to get out of the office for a little and meet with...
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    KernelCare - Rebootless Kernel Updates

    It looks like the folks over at CloudLinux are looking to shake up the rebootless kernel update market with their introduction of KernelCare (  They announced pricing on March 30th, with retail sales starting on the 1st, so it's a newer solution, but looks promising...
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    Backup VPS

    Hello, We are considering offering Backup VPS servers located in West Palm Beach, FL and wanted to find out if there was any interest in this location.  The servers would be located in a Tier 4 datacenter, with Hardware Raid 50. Thanks for your time, Patrick R.
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    HostGuard OpenVZ & KVM Test Servers

    I'm looking for some individuals to help me put HostGuard through it's paces reporting back with your findings.  The servers will be available for at least two week.  You will have your choice of an OpenVZ or KVM powered system with 1 IPv4 address and a IPv6 /64 block. If you are interested in...
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    The Simple Host - Cease of Trading

    If anyone is interested it looks like The Simple Host is shutting down.  I haven't used them so I'll refrain from comment.  This is the email sent out: