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    Any experience with virtualizor?

    We use here, customers approve. When I needed support, Virtualizor staff was quite helpful.
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    Hi,   Starting this topic to get an idea of companies using Payza to receive payments, and to share any positive or negative experience.
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    Thanks. Are you a customer how long?
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    hi, Has anyone ever used the services of Worldstream( ) ? I want to hire a dedicated server to a slave dns server.
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    WHMCS Module: Phone Verification System

    Yes. Thanks. I have another company that I use WHMCS, soon I will make a test with the module. About Blesta, there is a good 'crowd'. Make a topic in Blesta Community, you will see that there are many stakeholders.
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    A Quick Guide to RAID Levels

    Very good. The guide on the subject began to simple information and quick understanding.
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    WHMCS Module: Phone Verification System

    Module looks interesting. One question, is not possible or you intend to support, the other sms transmission businesses?   It also develops for Blesta?