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    Virtualizor 2.4.6 Released !

    The Virtualizor Team has released Virtualizor 2.4.6 This version has some feature releases and bug fixes. 1) [Feature] iSCSI Drive support added for XenServer Virtualizor. 2) [Feature] Tun/Tap option added in Enduser Panel for OpenVZ. Now Endusers can enable/disable the TUN/TAP. 3) [Feature]...
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    Anyone Use Elgg CMS here?

    Any opinion and thoughts news? Also are there any elgg enthusiasts here? Heres my elgg community profile : Let me know if you use anything else instead of elgg and other opinions on social CMS's etc and are you a elgg plugin maker? Don't like...
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    KVM anti abuse how do you counter abuse with kvm users?

    Hello, i was wondering what other providers methods are for counter acting kvm abuse, we have the mail side of things sorted but other forms of abuse has to be checked manaully is there any kvm anti abuse scripts available? What do you do to stop abuse on kvm vps servers? Please provide any...