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    IntenseNode came from a Hacked CVPS database

     Edit: I removed my video Edit: Thanks to mitgib, I actually did buy cvps service package in 2013 and Chris stated specifically here: 'It was not me or anyone currently associated with CVPS. If I had to take a stab in the...
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    LET Down?

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    Where exactly did Jonny come from?

    Was he a pawn / decoy host that was setup under another provider for a public relation play, or was he a legitimate fella that actually wanted to start up his own business? It seems to me he was setup by someone to be taken advantage of.
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    Limiting the inbound data being sent over a specific port with iptables?

    I'm trying to limit the amount of inbound data per IP every 60 seconds. For example, every IP that connects to the server is limited to a threshold of 5 megabytes every 60 seconds and cannot surpass that amount. For example: My rule already limits each IP with up to 10 requests ever 60...
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    If a client's VPS is suspended, do you still send them an invoice for next month?

    Topic. Because I just received an invoice from CVPS even though my VPS is suspended. Do you honestly believe I'm going to pay that? I think not. Want to hear your opinions.
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    WebHostingTalk Worst of the Hosting Industry

    Finally got done making this video. Just despicable how they treat their visitors and hosts. You deserve better.  (See the youtube description for click links)
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    What kind of VPS specs do you need for a GRE Tunnel only server?

    Topic ^^. Just curious.. I mean, would a 90MB ram box be fine? Any ballpark data I can go off of? (amount of data being passed through, ram, cpu usage)
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    GRE Tunneling Question

    Since LET seems to not give a fuck... Here is my question from there. (I think this forum houses more educated individuals :D) I would assume just out of common sense that if you buy a filtered IP (lets say BuyVM's for example), and then you use that to tunnel to your main dedicated server. My...
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    Can someone give me the lowdown and TLDR version of 'CVPS' & LowEndTalk

    Title says it all. Why is 'CVPS' so hated on LET? Who are they, why and how. Thanks  :wub: I bought service from them and it was fine... (I bought a small 256 box for 75 cents [with a coupon lol]) had no issue their performance, billing, etc.
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    These forums just get roided?

    Why the hell is everything instant now? So fast, lol whatever you guys did, did something in the background. Fastest IPB 3.x i've seen Now let's make it stay this way :ddddddddddddd