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    Hardware sale @ PhoenixNAP (May 26) and QuadraNET L.A. (May 30)

    5x Dell C1100 servers for sale @ Phoenix NAP Dual Xeon L5639 CPUs 72 GB DDR3 ECC 1066 MHz RAM  4x 3.5" drive trays with support for 2.5" drives w/o adapter (no drives included) Latest BMC ver 1.82 Rails All servers have been working for 2 years without a single hiccup. $200 each...
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    VPN.<tld> for sale

    Domain name image: Registered: November 3, 2013 (Namecheap) Renewal: November 3, 2014 Price: $500 via paypal. Canadian buyers please note that Canadian tax will be added to the price if your paypal "shipping" address is in Canada.
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    Automatic nullroute on Juniper gear?

    It seems that the obvious way of automatically adding nullroutes on, say, Juniper EX3200 would be logging in via ssh (with python/phpseclib/etc...) and adding them straight into the configuration and committing. Just wanted to check with the community if the is the only way to go or there are...
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    Forum search?

    Hi everyone, No matter what search terms I use nothing can be found. Is it just me getting old?
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    XVM Labs - $5/year VPS is back!

    For those folks who missed the launch of XVM Labs a few months ago, we are back in stock with two plans: 512 MB DDR3 ECC RAM 5 GB SSD RAID-10 100 GB Bandwidth on GigE Platform: OpenVZ + KiwiVM DC: QuadraNet (Los Angeles) 1 IPv4 (max. 4 IPv4) $4.87 per year 1024 MB DDR3 ECC RAM 15 GB SSD...
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    Looking for private 1/4 rack colo for a few backup servers in the U.S.

    We are looking for a decent place for our backup servers with inexpensive bandwidth. There will be very little outgoing transfer (if any), but we must be able to push 1 gbit for short periods of time (that is, when we have to restore from backups, hopefully never...) Power: 120V 10A Uplink: 1...
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    WHT Gold? OMG...

    I was browsing WHT today and noticed something very unusual (huge animated GIFs in sigs, and ridiculous-looking "gold" avatars that look appropriate for a kind of forum). I was sure WHT got hacked. Apparently, I was wrong! For $5000 a month you are allowed to trash WHT completely...
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    You asked - we delivered. Bandwagon Host in Florida and Micro plans... And KiwiVM!

    I have some great news!   1. Our new Florida location is online. All nodes at this location come with RAID-10 SSD storage by default. If you have a VPS with us, you can migrate your existing VPS over to this new location ("Migrate to another DC" in the KiwiVM panel). If you do not have a VPS...
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    DC in Canada for colo?

    We looking for a decent place to colo a few dozen servers in Canada. It kind of sucks being a Canadian provider with multiple racks across the US and EU but zero presence in Canada... Any recommendations?
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    Test for open DNS resolvers on your OpenVZ nodes

    Another way to reduce the amount of network abuse on your OpenVZ VPS nodes (in addition to Nodewatch) is to scan them for recursive DNS resolvers which are often the target for DNS Amplification DoS attacks. This script scans all OpenVZ containers on a node for open DNS resolvers:  ...
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    KiwiVM gets instant migrations, downloadable snapshots, and two-factor authentication

    We've been putting a lot of love in our KiwiVM control panel lately and we have just released a few cool things: * Two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator This feature allows using your smartphone to add an additional layer of security when accessing the KiwiVM panel. * Migrations...