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  1. rupe

    Lets Encrypt: Free SSL Certificates. How will other certificate authorities compete?

    Now that Let's Encrypt is out of beta, I figured I'd give this topic a bump to see what everyone's experience with them has been. Francisco, what happened at your globalsign meeting when you brought the topic up? Or has it been so long that you forget? :)
  2. rupe

    WebHostingTalk Worst of the Hosting Industry

    The same could be said about coffee (cafeine), soda (sugar), and practically any food or beverage. And that effect could be a positive one, it all depends upon the person. Of course if we're talking about American beer, that's really just coloured water and probably wouldn't have much an effect...
  3. rupe

    What attributes does an ideal customer have?

    After being treated rather poorly by a provider, who shall remain nameless for now :), I was curious to know what your ideal customer would consist of. I always thought I was a pretty good example of one (9 support tickets in over a year, all of which were problems on the provider's side; use...
  4. rupe

    Stay away from Damien and his company SupremeBytes. (my review)

    I think Francisco was referring to your customer's sticking it out for a month (or 21 days). Will you, at the least, be crediting them those 21 days? :)
  5. rupe

    What to do when VPS IP block gets added to SpamHaus?

    @DomainBop thanks for the links and re-assurance about my other choices. I will probably just stick to those, and not renew my WLS VPSes - I've already got more than enough as it is :)
  6. rupe

    What to do when VPS IP block gets added to SpamHaus?

    I am actually in the process of moving my Dovecot/Postfix setup to RamNode. I installed it on WLS about a year ago just as a test (because at the time I had absolutely no experience with mail servers). I have a few WLS VPSes, and this is the first time I've had a problem - then again, I really...
  7. rupe

    What to do when VPS IP block gets added to SpamHaus?

    I have a Postfix/Dovecot mail server setup on m WeLoveServers VPS. The setup has 4 rarely used email accounts on it, and is secured against relay and other common mail server abuse exploits. I don't send much email from the accounts, and really just use them for collecting and processing (sieve)...
  8. rupe

    Stephen Hawking on AI - "Could end the human race"

    Well, by the time AI has reached the point where it could conclude that its host should start killing off humanity, humanity will have already started downloading the contents of their 'grey matter' to robotic/hybrid hosts in their quest for immortality. So the AI powered robots would basically...
  9. rupe

    cryptic short domain names, why so popular?

    I was looking over the posts on LEB, and noticed a few about short domain names. I can understand the popularity/use of short urls for websites, email addresses, etc. But what are those cryptic (ie domains used for? Just curious :)
  10. rupe

    DNS APIs

    Fog is a nice DNS API and Cloud Services API wrapper for Ruby.
  11. rupe

    How do you monitor your vps uptime?

    Just gave it a look and signed up to try it out. I then noticed that it doesn't use any secure connection at all, not even for signing in - tyring HTTPS just gives one an error page :D So that's not going on any of my fave lists. As far as I'm concerned there is just no excuse for any web...
  12. rupe

    I am completely surprised by this turn of events.

    If the FBI is involved I take it he broke some laws South of the border (the "swatting" I take it - haven't read the story yet), so they may  ask for extradition, in which case US prisons which are definitely Hell compared to ours (which aren't that great either, but at least you will probably...
  13. rupe

    VPS failover?

    How about using Rage4 DNS failover with two load balancing servers? Or would that be overkill :)
  14. rupe

    Child labor in the low end segment

    I would say you are assuming quite a lot there :) I had a part-time job at 14, full-time by 16 living on my own, and knew quite few other 16-18 year olds in the same situation. There are a lot of self-supporting teens from broken families and other not-so-great situations, out there, also quite...
  15. rupe

    Poor man's load balancing / geo-based forwarding - Need some hints.

    Signed up, and will test out a couple of 'throwaway' domains I have. Nice that they have a free tier with 250k hits per domain allowed. They sure do have a lot of configuration options available. Anyone know of a good site/guide explaining some of the options - like DNSSEC, benefits and...
  16. rupe

    Poor man's load balancing / geo-based forwarding - Need some hints.

    I realize this is an old post, but I was wondering if the Rage4 service was geared mainly towards EU customers or would North American based sites benefit just as much. If it is more EU, then are there any NA equivalents?
  17. rupe

    Nginx admin guide

    The article's title is "Nginx and Nginx Plus Administration Guide", so I would assume it is for both except where noted (ie. Nginx Plus load balancing and application delivery features).
  18. rupe

    Running and troubleshooting an OpenVPN server

    Minor typo (excess typing :) ) - you've got a double entry in 'save you some typing' code:  export KEY_EMAIL
  19. rupe

    OS X Mavericks

    I still prefer PathFinder's implementation of tabs to Maverick's, so still won't be using Finder much. But will have to see how they've implemented tags. I do wish they would bring back colour to the sidebar :D
  20. rupe

    Fail2Ban versus CSF?

    Yes this would be nice. I'm going to try and find a good one using google, and, if I succeed, will post link here. I'm using fail2ban, but will add csf, as well, from now on. I just did a quick install on one of my 'test' VPSes, and see that it didn't enable LFD, which is appropriate for my...