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  1. zafouhar

    Is this the end of ASO/EIG?

    Well the below was announced to all employees of ASO/Arvixe. Note that they are keeping the outsourced support, they are just axing all directly hired remote staff. ======================= Over the past few years, ASO has operated as a location based division as well as a remote employment...
  2. zafouhar

    IPv4 address providers

    Hello, I've been trying to locate some providers who rent ARIN IPv4 addresses and would like to know if anyone knows of any?
  3. zafouhar

    ENDURANCE INTERNATIONAL GROUP gets served with subpoena

    SEC Investigation Endurance International Group Holdings, Inc. ("Endurance") received a subpoena dated December 10, 2015 from the Boston Regional Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"), requiring the production of certain documents, including, among other things...
  4. zafouhar

    Looking for similar processors to X5650

    Hello. I'm researching for similar processors to X5650 with 6 cores / 12 threads - does anyone know of any other processors similar?
  5. zafouhar

    Bulk buying cheap domain names

    Hello. Does anyone know where I can bulk buy cheap domain names? I am referring to quantities of over 100 domain names.  If you have large amount of domain names that you do not want please PM me. Anything with over 3-4 months left is good.
  6. zafouhar

    [For Hire] L1/L2/L3 Technical Support for graveyard shift

    Hello, I'm looking for a new temporary or permanent job opportunity. I am able to do System Administration, Technical Support, Sales and Billing Support aswell as Technical writing. Availability - US Graveyard/night shift: 10pm - 6am / 6am - 2pm GMT Skills - cPanel / WebsitePanel - Apache...
  7. zafouhar

    HudsonValleyHost officially owned by ColoCrossing

    Well, I can't remember if this has been announced already officially but anyway its official: "HudsonValleyHost is part of the Velocity Servers Network Exchange, the owner or and as well as ColoCrossing" Any comments on this?
  8. zafouhar

    There are no current SBL listings for

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  :popcorn: ColoCrossing, a provider known for hosting all the spammers [etc], as of 7th October 2014 has no current SBL Listings for, this is definitely some news worth sharing! How did this...
  9. zafouhar

    LowEndTalk has new direct Advert for HVH!

    Hello guys, Just wanted to bring to your attention that now it seems LowEndTalk directly advertises HVH with a banner at the bottom of the page, not even through BuySellAds just a direct link to the banner. This banner was added after the last updates that Kossen announced. Comments on you...