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  1. Wintereise

    Having a hard time with Lantronix

    It's not so much a fault, but it requires some sublime stability for the TCP connection for it to be usable in any non-frustrating capacity. I recommend you to RDP into a dedicated box somewhere, and then use it off there -- obviously, the lower the latency, the better.
  2. Wintereise

    Do you use a VPN for your normal internet browsing?

    I'm usually working if I'm online, so I guess 24/7 VPNs here too, yes. Laptops/phones are permanently vpned as well.
  3. Wintereise

    Psychz Networks adds ChinaTelecom & CN2

    +1, and even if you get past LAX -- there's no way to fix internal congestion that is on their last mile backbone. That was a losing battle when we tried it, I can't imagine things have changed any lately.
  4. Wintereise

    IP Systems Ltd AS62741 Acquires A Lot Of IPs...

    By using upstreams that have shitty or non-existent filtering. Yes, they still exist.
  5. Wintereise

    Layer 3 Lite vs Layer 2 (Netgear). Help please.

    Hire someone experienced with JunOS, getting it up should be fairly trivial for them. As a side note, never been a fan of the ezsetup utilities for Cisco or Juniper...
  6. Wintereise

    Happy 27th Birthday MannDude!

    Happy birthday!
  7. Wintereise

    Mozilla bundles proprietary extension with Firefox

    Ditched Firefox quite a while back, it just kept getting worse with every version =/
  8. Wintereise

    GetDedi 2xL5520 NYC Promos!

    This is indeed Telehouse 85 10th street. Impressed that you found that out without asking us, though. ;)
  9. Wintereise

    DDOS service for Providers

    I don't believe they have anything against Chinese people (CNS), it was a simple misunderstanding.
  10. Wintereise

    Shell command to query ARIN for CIDRs from SAN

    ARIN's IRR db is very, very sparsely populated. For people caring about IRR at all, querying RADB is probably your best bet. You can also use the RIPE RIS API if you want to know the prefixes actually announced instead of registered, works very well.
  11. Wintereise

    Why Don't Providers Do This One Simple Thing ... To Make More Money?

    Voluntary pre-funding is NOT refunded, yes -- this is not just us, if you read up you'll see other people doing the same. Additionally, most of our brands do not accept pre-funding PRECISELY for this reason. No money was stolen, it's still in your account as credit. If this is not the case...
  12. Wintereise

    Acceptable time to wait for ticket response?

    24 hours is fine by me if I don't have a written SLA contract with you. If I do, then whatever said contract says.
  13. Wintereise

    could someone tell me how to find whether a hosting company i providing purely ssd or not ?

    SSDs have FAR lower access latency / times than HDDs. A multitude of the io pinging tools can all be used to check this.
  14. Wintereise

    Trying to put together affordable AU VPS/HOSTING - Proving difficult

    We've got a new pop in AU, mind letting us know more about what you're looking for? :) Can supply IPs / connectivity at a reasonable price.
  15. Wintereise

    Quarter rack colocation and datacenter suggestion in the US midwest?

    Handy Networks is excellent in Denver, CO.
  16. Wintereise

    Should service providers be able to refuse service based on country?

    Why not? It's their business, who they accept as customers is upto them.
  17. Wintereise

    What do you tell people you do for a living?

    I say I work in networking, haven't had anyone ask for more specifics so far. Seeing as I pretty much push packets for a living these days, it's not inaccurate either :p
  18. Wintereise

    Keep Track of Your Services! (Lightweight PHP script)

    Abysmal code, please use prepared statements in the very least.
  19. Wintereise

    Why do providers not add your data to your IP (SWIP)?

    People only SWIP larger blocks than /29s because it's a requirement from ARIN to justify for further IP space. On singular /32s, that incentive is no longer in place -- do the math.
  20. Wintereise

    Does your computer ever sleep?

    It always sleeps when I'm out of the house, no issues.