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  1. River

    WHMCS Pricing Change?

    I didn't notice until now, when I was looking for pricing on the WHMCS for licenses that they changed their pricing model in July to a 'tiered' model. It looks like their pricing went up too for the basic, that they cap at 250 clients, their next tier at 1000, and then finally the unlimited for...
  2. River

    Finding Leads

    Hi All! Just wondering what you might do to help you identify good leads. I've been working contacting local web design and development firms, offering my services. But, I haven't gotten a good result. The other tactic I've used is replying to people on Reddit who are asking for help; still...
  3. River

    is vpsboard dead?

    I've been coming back every now and again to see if there are any new threads, but it seems to be all the same old stuff. The service requests forum hasn't had a post in almost 3 months. Is it dead here? Who still comes and visits frequently? What can we do to get things going here?
  4. River

    What's your email setup like?

    I know that there is a really good guide on here to running your own email server, and I've used it in the past. Recently, I've been working on trying to get an Exchange 2016 server setup. I had used Office365 some with my School District, and really liked it (surprisingly). I found Office...
  5. River

    Know anyone that's hiring?

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to see if anyone knows of anyone that may be hiring. I used to operate a web hosting business but due to school and what not I simply don't have the time to fully dedicate into growing my business anymore. As such, I'd like to start earning an income. I know that...
  6. River

    How do you do staff?

    I've been running my business for about a year, going through varying periods of interest and dedication (I know, it sounds bad). I took on a family friend as a partner and everything went down the tubes. I'm now recovering the business, and I'm trying to figure how everyone else does staffing...
  7. River

    billing portals

    I've been a long time user of WHMCS, however, I'm looking to possibly migrate just because there are alternatives which seem a little more cost effective. I'm looking at blesta, and I've seen the billing brawl sites, however, I think it's a little bit too subjective. I'd like some second...
  8. River

    Ideal node specs for rented operations

    I'm looking for some ideal specs for a rented (aka. not owned or colo'ed) node for VPS services. I'm running OVZ and hopefully going to expand into KVM soon, however, I'm having trouble picking out a good upstream and a good package for this purpouse. I've had good experience with some...