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  1. wdq

    OpenVZ VPS request

    Hello, I'm interested in an OpenVZ VPS. Here are some minimum specifications: 128MB of RAM 10GB of storage 1TB of bandwidth 16 IPv4 addresses Location isn't that important. It needs to be in the United States. The following locations are preferred: Atlanta, Kansas City, Dallas, Chicago.  I...
  2. wdq

    Quick Packet - Dual Intel Xeon L5420 - Dell CS24-SC - Dedicated Server Review

    For the past year I have been ordering VPS's of various different sizes to run many different things including game servers, and websites. One comment that I see a lot is that if you have a lot of VPS's then you are probably better off getting a low end dedicated server. So naturally, I tried...
  3. wdq

    Blesta v3 will arrive on August 14th, $250 branded licenses

    I just got an email from Blesta where they announced their plans to launch Blesta v3 on August 14th. Owned branded licenses will be $250. Updates will cost $39/year. You can also get a leased branded license for $12.95/month. So the branded and unbranded owned licenses cost just about the same...
  4. wdq

    New ICANN rules will require email/phone verification for domain registration

    I just saw this article on The Verge and thought I'd share it as it's relavent to this community. Essentially it looks like it could be a whole lot harder to fake WHOIS information in the near future. When registering domains you'll need to have your phone number and email address verified...
  5. wdq Large VPN Review

    Before I get started with this review I'd like to let everyone know that this morning I was contacted by and asked if I wanted to write an honest review for a small amount of account credit. I accepted the offer. So this is a compensated, but honest review of  A history of my VPN...
  6. wdq

    CatalystHost 2GB Trenta KVM VPS Review

    I ordered my first VPS from CatalystHost about six and a half months ago when they ran one of their $7/month for a 2GB VPS promos. Back in March I wrote a review of CatalystHost on LowEndTalk where I explained how much I have enjoyed having several VPS's with the company. They have really fast...
  7. wdq

    The new Google Maps

    So I just got invited to the new Google Maps Preview Beta that was announced at Google I/O recently.  From my time using it I have to say that it's a whole lot faster than Maps used to be, and I like how the Google Earth features are now built into Google Maps on the web.  Anyone else have a...