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  1. DearLeaderJohn

    What else does everyone do?

    Sorry, more aimed towards the non-providers here but also I'd have thought that a few providers would have something else on the side!
  2. DearLeaderJohn

    What else does everyone do?

    Not sure if this type of thread has been posted before so please merge/delete if so. I think it'd be interesting to see what occupations members of a hosting forum have. I'll begin: I'm currently a student but I also work part time in retail in the 9th biggest shopping centre in the UK (a bit...
  3. DearLeaderJohn

    Another phones thread

    Get a Moto G, trust me I have one and it's absolutely fantastic.  As you've mentioned you're the in the UK, I got mine from Tesco and just used a £2 unlock code off fleabay to use with my current sim. I think Tesco are still the cheapest for both the 8GB and 16GB. I got the 8GB one for £89 as...
  4. DearLeaderJohn

    making a free to play simcity type game.

    So what real development have you done apart from plop a random building down on an existing starter kit?
  5. DearLeaderJohn

    Disgusting Warning: Starbucks VIA

    Never been a fan of Starbucks' offerings anyway but I'll make to avoid it, thanks. I generally prefer Costa which we have over here in the UK.
  6. DearLeaderJohn

    The fall of Commercial Media?

    I remember when I was with CM back in 2012, things were great. I could phone up for emergency support and there was always someone there to answer etc. These were the original deals I got from Mike in September 2012 CPU: Dual 2 x 5420’s; 16 GB RAM; 1 x TB HDD or 128 SSD Samsung; 100 Mbps...
  7. DearLeaderJohn

    The fall of Commercial Media?

    It appears CM's other brand is down:
  8. DearLeaderJohn

    internet censorship uk

    Oh, so this isn't the "$5 dedicated server" Curtis? Yup, I failed :P Only pop on the forums occasionally, losing track of things 
  9. DearLeaderJohn

    internet censorship uk

    Your whining isn't going to change anything is it?  Go and do something if it's such a big issue for you, or are you just trying to look cool?
  10. DearLeaderJohn

    Conn8ct shutting down

    Interesting to see that car was seized for lack of appropriate insurance...surely if you can afford a vehicle like that then you can afford the right insurance. Stupid to get a car like that anyway, traffic in London is generally horrid.
  11. DearLeaderJohn

    Paleo diet

    The best way to lose weight is to simply reduce portions. The body is great at adapting to portion sizes so eventually she'll be able to eat much smaller portions and feel full which means lower calorie intake as well as fats, sugars etc.
  12. DearLeaderJohn

    Fall vpsBoard Get Fit or Active Challenge

    I'm terrible with this, idea was to get fit in Summer but that got delayed as usual  :rolleyes: Probably try and fit in some jogging early weekend mornings and cycling in weekend afternoons
  13. DearLeaderJohn

    Syria madness

    But your thread is about Syria...and you are implying that Britain are continuing their "terrorist streak" in Syria.
  14. DearLeaderJohn

    Syria madness

    So Britain are the terrorists here? Pretty sure our parliament had a vote and that we will not participate in this.
  15. DearLeaderJohn

    Microsoft Buying Nokia for $7.2 Billion

    Hey look I'm a technology minority here but I've got a Nokia Lumia 710 running WP7.8 and guess what? I love it. I can throw my phone on the sofa, fall asleep on it, drop it in a car park and generally give it a tough time and it won't crack or get damaged like these "fancy" ultra-uber phones. I...
  16. DearLeaderJohn

    New Solusvm Rlease - 1.14 Stable

    You would've thought they'd get it binded
  17. DearLeaderJohn

    WeLoveServers (VPS Hosting in 6 locations) - adds Orlando, FL & London, UK locations

    So the USA is approximately 40 times larger than the UK in land area (3.794 million sq miles / 94058 sq miles) so we can use a scale factor of 40 when doing comparisons. Using this we can work out that the UK equivalent of Buffalo would be just over 9 miles from London. And that the US...
  18. DearLeaderJohn

    What's for Lunch?

    Had a steak pasty from the local bakery today, hit the spot perfectly.
  19. DearLeaderJohn

    Why is there no maximum wage

    Having talked with my father in the past about his time contracting throughout the middle and far east (spanning around 20 years), I know for a fact the contractor life isn't that wonderful, it's in fact a very lonely lifestyle which involves living out of a suitcase most of the time. (Keep in...
  20. DearLeaderJohn

    Why is there no maximum wage

    Because it would limit innovation as people would have nothing to strive for, it would essentially mean working harder would gain no reward