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    Supermicro E3-1230v3 - 32GB RAM - 4x1TB HDD

    Howdy, After a recent 'clean-up' on our hardware line I have a single server to sell, a couple have gone through WHT already. This particular server was used as a VPS node and decommisioned a year later then kept in storage as an emergency spare. E3 1230v3 32GB ECC RAM 4x 1TB Constellation...
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    Fiberoute Ltd: Easter Specials - £12/Quarter 512MB Premium Level(3) KVM in London, UK

    Happy easter! I have prepared some special offers for you guys since we've got some space on our KVM nodes. A little bit of background, Fiberoute was officially came in to being in July 2013, although we had many of our clients and infrastructure ready a while prior to that. While we generally...
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    Another phones thread

    So after today's encounter at college I officially want to beat the crap out of the developer of flappy bird for contributing to the destruction of my phone. What are your favourites for cheap-ish android smartphones and why? I'm looking at the Nexus 5 because it's fairly cheap for what it's...
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    Android music player

    Howdy, So, recently I have been starting to back up and archive all of my music collection and my bands work after deleted out account and like hours of audio along with it but that's a different story. Anyhow, I have dedicated some servers for this purpose and have got a whole...
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    CentOS 6.5 out now

    Just find out about it on Hacker News, have fun updating!
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    Supermicro X10 motherboard refusing to boot with RAID Card

    Yes, I know this is not a VPS but I thought this category best suited this thread. :P I bought one of the newish Supermicro X10 boards (X10SLM-F) with a Haswell E3 and had an Adaptec 6 series card laying around, the board works fine itself, stress tested it enough without the RAID card but when...
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    RamNode in EU/NL

    Well, I was excitied since Thursday but it seems Nick launched SVZ (OVZ SSD) today. Personally I'm going to try and wait it out until the SSD cached KVM VPS's come out, that's if they do, not sure if Nick has plans for them yet. But it's great that RamNode is expanding this fast, I love you...
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    2xTranscend 8GB DDR3 REG ECC modules [UK]

    Hello folks, I'll be honest, I bought these RAM sticks without looking at all, it was only until I got the package and opened it and looked on the sticker did I notice my mistake and that was after the 7 day EU cooling off period thingamajig and I've only got one computer/server in this house...
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    Supermicro rails

    I am looking to buy some Supermicro rails but from what it seems I can't find anywhere in the UK that's actually in stock. Anyone want to point me in the right direction? I could always do ebay but I'd rather not pay the £20 or so extra for shipping.
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    cPanel.. IPv6.. finally coming? So, it seems cPanel has finally acknowledged IPv6 after god knows how many years. Great to see an attempt to embrace it, I wonder how long until it's actually in production releases.