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    OVH vs Hetzner dedi

    I had Hetzner dedi for few game server few years back. It was working for about 2 years. Since it was for game server there were DDOS's, but in total it was down for 3 days because of it, one's it was for a day and second time for 2 days, and that is about it. I don't know now but back then I...
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    You wouldn't download a car, would you? How about, 3D print a castle?

    Only difference I heard in that video is that he is using reinforcement. But I saw only vertical reinforcement. And in that video he mentioned micro reinforcement (fibers) added to concrete mix which adds to concrete tension bearing capacity. If you watched that video you could see that formwork...
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    You wouldn't download a car, would you? How about, 3D print a castle?

    you can sit inside, since there is no slab or roof above that walls. While this is all cool and nice, for slabs you would still need some kind of formwork and reinforcement. Not to mention in this structure with only walls, most stresses are compression and it is fine, but when you add slab you...
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    Best captcha so far for a blog

    Saw this today:
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    Idiots on Kickstarter Crowd Fund Potato Salad

    That is lot of names to say out loud while making salad :)
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    LowEndSpirit VPS - SolusVM cc question.

    It would be better that you posted on LES forum All things you have with normal VPS you will get with LES. Reinstall and TUN/TAP work.  P.S. I have one LES in all locations and they are great.
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    screen at bootup?

    Try to add it like this in rc.local cd /root && screen -d -m ./
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    Favorite current Linux Desktop OS

    Manjaro looks great just installed it in virtualbox. Thanks for sharing
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    Favorite current Linux Desktop OS

    After using Debian for my netbook, I have installed  Fedora 20 Xfce  and love it for last 2 months.  But for desktop I use win8.1 pro 64bit.
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    Setup emails in my VPS with the domain reregistered in other provider?

    i would suggest you to use some free email provider. From your question I figure it will be easier to start with free email hosting. After some time you could make your own server but at this point better don't, if its not for testing only. Some free email hosting with own domain...
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    Building a new computer!

    I have ordered parts for my new pc (mainly work station) after 4 years with my last one. Not sure if this specs are good but it should be for next few years. Processor: Intel i7-4771 MB: ASUS MB Z87-PLUS HDD: Kingston 120GB HyperX SSD, and WD 1TB SATA3 64mb, Caviar Blue 6gb/s (all ready have...
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    Heads up: OpenVZ updates will probably break your system

    For nat you can: nano /etc/modprobe.d/openvz.conf and then replace  options nf_conntrack ip_conntrack_disable_ve0=1 whit  options nf_conntrack ip_conntrack_disable_ve0=0 source at least worked for me. 
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    traceroute/ping looking glass via ssh

    was what I was thinking too, and main point of looking glass should be to execute remote commands without using ssh or telnet.
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    traceroute/ping looking glass via ssh

    Not sure why would you want to do this with ssh. I'm not good with php but here is simple bottle python script for ping and traceroute, I have added auth info also so you would need to run curl from your php page for all server ip's and get output: from bottle import run, route, request...
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    VPSboard IRC: cannot join. you need to be identified with services

    Try this /msg nickserv register your_password your_email_address after that check your email to verify.
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    Google Apps Email free alternative is discontinued, you can only use emails that have already been setup.
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    nsfw game: 2048 - Addictive be warned :)

    Finally I got 4096
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    Converting entire directory of JPG files to progressive JPGs and reduce quality/size?

    You can do it with python and PIL import os from PIL import Image img_dir = '/path/to/images' def reduce_quality():     img_files = [f for f in os.listdir(img_dir) if f.endswith('JPG')]     for i in range(len(img_files)):         img_file ="/"+img_files[i])        ...
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    Self-hosted alternative to Tinychat?

    Have you tried this I have installed last year only to test and it has stuff you need.
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    nsfw game: 2048 - Addictive be warned :)

    2048 lol I got 512 tile after on hour