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  1. shunny

    How do you "filter" orders?

    Hello,  So a question for all the VPS providers out there.  How do you guys handle customers on sign up to filter out any abusive orders?  Do you use the MaxMind phone verification plugin, MaxMind minfraud, manual verification?  And what is the best way to catch potentially risky orders? ...
  2. shunny

    FitVPS Review

    Hi all, I thought I provide you with a review of my services so far with FitVPS and their Intel Atom Dedicated Server service.  The service spec is as follows:  Intel Atom N2800  4 GB RAM  30 GB SSD  100Mbps port speed  3000GB Bandwidth per Month Reinstalls / Remote Reboot Unlimited and...
  3. shunny

    Who plays Leagues of Legends here?

    Totally off topic and totally random but who plays league of legends?  I play it time to time so I thought it would be fun if people from a community get together and have some fun!  So who plays? And who do you think will win season 3 finals? 
  4. shunny

    Australia / NZ VPS

    Hello everybody,  I just thought I share this, I'm in no shape or form affiliated with them but thought it was interesting offer. I totally forgot I had signed up with them for DNS hosting way back when was surprised when I got the email. In short they are offering $100 in credit for their VPS...