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    What is your favourite RAID level?

    raid 10 all the way!!! :-)
  2. V Moderator Meltdown

    all i can say is life is short, dont sweat the small stuff....  speaking from experience
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    What's your car?

    ha ha honda accord station wagon, 2004!!! its a 2.4 vtec, goes pretty well!
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    Google Adword - Visitor stay on website for 1 second? (visitor tracking?)

    adwords for this industry is a big issue and cost. build up trust, focus on SEO....
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    What Backup Software Do YOU Use?

    as a company that uses Vmware for everything i love Vmexplorer, ( ) great for vm backups and replication to other hosts. no i dont sell it or work for them!
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    Test Our VPS Service

    doh.. not a good start...
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    Starting a VPS business with $10,000. How would you spend it?

    dont do it! in a industry like web hosting and vps hosting you need a major point of difference, otherwise your just another provider... trust me i face it everyday running an IT business....
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    Buy Microsoft License

    we are a SPLA license holder, i can give you our prices but they are in NZD dollars, let me know if that helps.
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    Funny thing happened!

    Well guys the long arm of spying and general watching over our shoulders is alive and well i use to run a small vps hosting business out of the USA, I live in New Zealand and was visited by a few guys at home when i was at work. didnt leave any info, just said they would contact me at work...
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    Looking for Feedback on VMware VDC/VPS Bundles

    very good spec, although pricing will be a big factor. i love vmware, used it since 3.5
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    Obtaining IP Address from APNIC

    i got a /24 for my company Vision Group without too many issues, other than cost! not sure if i would be able to get another one if i asked..
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    billing portals

    what about clientexec, i know of at least one dedicated server provider using it, and its free..
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    Your predictions for the future of the VPS hosting industry?

    Its a value add, I run a IT / ISP based business in New Zealand. Yes ive run vps's only businesses but i think providing vps's now are more value add and another 'hook' to upsell higher value services to a customer..
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    Is Hostbill worth the $$$?

    Hi All, As an owner of a IT business and previous web hosting business. I can tell you know that WHMCS is a heap better than hostbill for many reasons, listed below: 1) updates would break things ( somtimes many ) 2) cost ( they have changed the price so often! ) 3) Support, no support...