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    Bitcoin Exchange Into Payza

    I didn't know where exactly the correct area for this would be, so if it's incorrect, my bad. I'm wondering if anyone here is able to exchange $30 worth of Bitcoins into Payza? Due to changes at one of the companies I use, they no longer accept Bitcoin so I have to get everything swapped over...
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    So, I'm looking for a new VPS. Locations: France / Romania / Bulgaria (note: I already have one in Sofia, Bulgaria with a provider on here) / Latvia / Sweden / Switzerland / Netherlands / Germany Providers I prefer to avoid but am not too picky: HostKey (RU/NL), Anything that lives on...
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    73 days - tor hosting

    I run a variety of TOR websites, for multiple customers. We suffered a few denial of service attacks which were quickly fixed, however we're at day 73 of 100% uptime.  TOR Stats of the biggest site (hosts 32.5 GB of data on web server) - BANDWIDTH USAGE (tor): 7.1 GB TOR Stats of the smallest...
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    VPN Security

    Just a few days after learning that the Canadian Government is tracking visitors of popular file-sharing sites security researchers have discovered a major security flaw that reveals Windows VPN users real IP address through WebRTC. Linux and Mac OS X users are not affected by this vulnerability...
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    Shared & Reseller hosting in Jacksonville, FL Fully Managed for FREE

    PrivateNet is a web hosting / designing company with servers in Jacksonville, FL. I am here to give you a new hosting offer from us. It is web hosting / reseller hosting using cPanel Control Panel / WHM (fully licensed). We offer free fully managed support Plans are as follows: Shared One -...
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    PrivateNet - Logo Designing, and more

    What is PrivateNet? PrivateNet is a service provider, offering logo design, coding, web design, and more. We are run out of Jacksonville, FL. We utilize fully licensed software on our website such as WHMCS, cPanel. What do we have to offer? Logo Designing: Basic Logo - 2 free concepts...
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    Well, this is interesting?

    I'm guessing everyone here knows "CurtisG". Well, I found some interesting articles recently, showing "CurtisG" was arrested by police, well, in the same area near the alleged house of "CurtisG," there was a SWAT team descending upon a house today, in gas masks and face covers. It triggered a...
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    Tech Blog for sale

    So, I currently operate a fairly-big blog (technology blog). We're getting on average 6-10k hits a day - on days like Monday, Tuesday, and Friday it's a lot higher. What this comes with - 2 year registered domain, all files, blog posts, resources, etc. (software is wordpress). The domain is a...
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    Sony & North Korea & FBI

    These are my opinions. My opinions are my own. Okay, so, I see the FBI has said the sony hackers were "sloppy" and left clues leading back to north korea, well, here's a theory that isn't been posted in the news. Now bare in mind it's a theory: It's really the Chinease who did the hacking, and...
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    Hosting Providers & BTC

    What's so wrong with BTC as a payment? I understand it may attract some abuse, however the advantage is, there is no dispute option, so once the customer is terminated, you still keep the money.
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    node.js & python

    So, on this project here, I have a web-ui in node.js, now I want it so I can execute a python script and display the output of the python script on the web-page, any ideas?
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    Python - safest way to handle user input

    I'm looking for a safe way to handle user-input. Ie, the system asks for a domain name to generate a file, what would be the best way to ensure no sneaky things happen. IE it isn't malformed code being run.
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    Year of the cyber war?

    These are my personal opinions. So, we've seen a ton of things, like LizardSquad launching denial of services, but what really peaked my interest today is when I was searching on twitter and found what appears to be a group / person named "Armed Antrax" released two banking credentials...
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    OpenVZ Command Blocking

    I've been searching and can't find an answer: OpenVZ, I spin up a virtual machine for a friend, now I want to prevent them from running bash scripts, any way to prevent that so something like "sh" doesn't execute? It's to prevent abuse.
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    So, they're using Google servers for 99% of their attacks. More info: (includes huge "bot" ip list)
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    Dedicated Server [ under $100 ]

    Looking for a dedicated server with following specs: 8 - 16 GB RAM /29 with SWIP 500 GB - 1 TB Hard Drive 100 mbit unmetered (or 5 - 10 tb on 1gbit) Any location is good, but Europe is better personally Trying to keep it under $100
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    what happens when you're at a library with free wifi and a laptop

    So, at this library here, decided to kill some time, been about 25 min now, won $55 just for fun while betting btc. Started at $5, profited $50. Now, that's a good waste of 30 minutes, now it's time to go home.
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    Seeking servers sponsorship for project

    Hello: I am seeking a sponsor for my project, SecureMSGR - SecureMSGR is a 100% private, encrypted communication system. You can send messages to others on the website, for free, and your message is encrypted the moment you send it. It stay's encrypted forever. Every 5 days we flush the...
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    Some random domains

    I got a few random domains from a friend, and I have no use from them. List: | expires 7/16/2015 | expires 8/3/2015 | expires 12/19/2014 | expires 12/20/2014 | expires 7/16/2015 | expires...