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  1. D. Strout

    Found this site... is the site. Hosted on a BuyVM VPS. Cool.
  2. D. Strout

    Justification for IPv6?

    I just picked up a VPS from HostUS from their LEB offer, and I was surprised to see that while they do offer IPv6, they only give you one address by default, and to get more requires justification. Sure, it's a simple form thing where you type in your "reason" and an address is automatically...
  3. D. Strout

    Managed cPanel VPS

    One of the clients I work with is feeling some pinching on his current shared cPanel hosting account, and is ready to move up to a VPS. He wants cPanel, and he'll need management, so I'm wondering what y'all can tell me about managed cPanel VPS hosting. Providers, cost, caveats, etc. Not...
  4. D. Strout

    DigitalOcean keeping busy

    Another month, another location. A third location in Amsterdam, again with IPv6. I'm starting to doubt they'll update any of their old locations - just launch new ones on their new 1.5 codebase.
  5. D. Strout

    When to sync DNS from API

    Me again! As y'all know by now, I'm working on an integrated server/domain/DNS management system. For the DNS part, I am setting up integration with popular DNS APIs, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to sync DNS from the provider via the API. As I see it, there are three ways to handle...
  6. D. Strout

    EU "Trustee" service

    Any VPSBoard members live in the EU? I'm looking for someone to put down as the contact for a domain with AFNIC. PM me if you can help.
  7. D. Strout

    DigitalOcean New York City 3

    Overkill if you ask me, but DO has launched a third NYC location. This one, at least, has IPv6. Blog post. Thoughts?
  8. D. Strout

    Sanity check - disk speed testing

    A little while back, I posted for a VPS of mine with URPad. As I mentioned then, I have experienced terrible disk speed at times, and I'm seeing the same right now, so I opened a ticket. I mentioned the disk speeds I was getting, but did not mention how I tested (which was with the standard dd...
  9. D. Strout

    Namecheap account errors

    I know a lot of us here use Namecheap, as do I. I'm trying to manage one of my many domains with them right now, and am not having much success. When I tried to log in, it took several tries, the first few giving me 500 errors. Now that I'm logged in, when I try to access pages in the domain...
  10. D. Strout

    E-mail services

    I'm working on a project for a client who will soon be sending out lots of (legitimate) e-mails. He currently uses a different system that is more geared towards "regular subscribers", not one-off type e-mails like I'm trying to do. As such, I'm thinking of recommending he use something else...
  11. D. Strout

    DNS lookup help

    This is driving me bananas, and I'd love some help. If you've got a sec, could you do a AAAA lookup for and post the output here, along with what DNS server you're using? The results I'm getting are infuriatingly inconsistent, so I'm curious what others may be seeing.
  12. D. Strout

    BudgetVM (Enzu) rolls out new panel?

    I have a couple of VPSes with Enzu's budget provider, BudgetVM. I logged in to my client area tonight and was surprised to see what looks like a custom integrated billing/VPS management/support panel. I gave it a once over, and it seems to work well at first glance. Very impressive - to my...
  13. D. Strout

    Reliable WHOIS Library/API

    As part of my domain and server management system, I'm trying to wrap my head around my options for WHOIS. All the APIs cost money, which would be fine if this was just for me, but if I distribute it I don't think people will want to sign up for accounts with them. Right now I'm trying to work...
  14. D. Strout

    URPad DDoS Protected 1GB VPS

    My last review for this contest is of a URPad DDoS protected VPS in L.A. For $21/year for a 1GB OpenVZ, I was kind of surprised to see DDoS protection advertised, but there it was. The IP is in the ASN of Black Lotus, with a description of "Root Level Technology" (see here). Pretty cool. I...
  15. D. Strout

    ServerHub LEB 3R

    ServerHub has seen some suspicion in the last few months about possible connections with ColoCrossing, but I at least have had an OK experience with them. I picked up a big OpenVZ VPS with them in August of 2013, from a LEB ad of theirs. See this invoice for proof and plan details. Yeah...
  16. D. Strout

    Iniz yearly 256MB KVM

    Iniz, formerly StormVZ, is another great company with whom I've had the good fortune of running several servers. I'd like to review my yearly KVM in NYC with them, which I've had since February. At $20/year, it's hard to find a better deal in NYC, one of the less populous markets in the LEB...
  17. D. Strout

    Crissic Yearly 512MB

    Crissic Solutions, run by Skylar, is another of my favorite providers, winning my business with competitive prices, top-notch support, and reliability. In this post I'm reviewing another of my DNS VPSes, although this one is my master DNS server that also serves as the development platform for...
  18. D. Strout

    BuyVM 128MB OpenVZ NJ

    In the low-end VPS realm, BuyVM is a "classic". I've been with them for a while now, starting in their Las Vegas location and now in their New Jersey location. I've always liked BuyVM for their "touch of insanity" (and of course pony), but one thing that truly makes them exceptional is their...
  19. D. Strout

    HE BGP Toolkit scraper

    Since has no posted terms of service disallowing it, I wrote a script that, given an ASN, scrapes the site to find number of IPs and list of prefixes with descriptions. <?php $asn = trim(ltrim($argv[1], "AS")); if (!is_numeric($asn)) exit("Invalid ASN!\n"); $curl = curl_init()...
  20. D. Strout

    What are e2fsprogs and libss2?

    The first time I run apt-get dist-upgrade on an OpenVZ VPS, these two packages, e2fsprogs and libss2, are installed. What are they, why are they installed as part of this upgrade, and why don't they come "standard" in Ubuntu OpenVZ templates? Are they needed or not?