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    Stripe, get a clue. Your chargeback system sucks

    Wow! 200 cards? 3 days ago my bank blocked stripe from charging my card, and I thought I may be blocked by stripe for trying 6/7 times :)
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    VPNBRO.COM $2/mo VPN / unmetered bandwidth / INSTANT SETUP!

    Looks like that too was sold on flippa a while back. And seller just wanted to get some more cash with a new ID.....
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    SNI Proxy & Bind in Ubuntu

    Thanks Matt, will try this tonight. Definitely will be better than connecting to VPN for using only 2 site. 
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    Hosting Multiple Websites on a Single Web Hosting Account

    You get that it was a sarcasm, right? :O
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    Hosting Multiple Websites on a Single Web Hosting Account

    Why not mention your favorite providers with aff link... at least that would make some sort of sense :)
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    Stripe, get a clue. Your chargeback system sucks

    But you should have some way to accept CC other than via PP or only PP, Matt. Remember about 2 months ago we had to back and forth about 28 mails for me sending the payment to you? Just sayin... :)
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    Leaseweb Opens up VPSes in Singapore

    Price increased almost 75%.  They have a statement on WHT about this. I get much better ping & speed to my box now.
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    DigitalOcean Unveil Floating IPs

    Exactly. these 'cloud(!)' servers are always useful for me while need multiple server in multiple location for like 2/3 hr for testing. Imagine if you take 3 of them and destroy the droplet but somehow forgot the IP and get an additional 13$ bill next cycle.
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    Do web host really use SSD drives?

    There is no such thing as Unlimited disk, even with SATA, let alone SSD. Better know your limits before you purchase. 
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    How to use whatsapp from your linux box

    For GUI you can always BlueStack, although it's very resource hungry :)
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    How can I configure remote access for MySQL?

    Easier way would be configuring your bind settings in my.cnf file to listen to localhost and your static IP 
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    SSH Protection

    Is panel supporting really necessary? It's a single line command to transfer the rsa public file and then configure no pass based access...  cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh [email protected] "mkdir -p ~/.ssh && cat >>...
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    Who was your first VPS provider?

    My first provider war ChicagoVPS. Also they were the reason I didn't buy any low priced VPS in a long time :(   ~ Emdad