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    Free Socks From Sophos

    Sophons is giving away some free socks that are actually pretty cool. You can get them here: Enjoy
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    Coolest traceroute tool? I think so

    I came across this traceroute tool today, and I think it is pretty cool and awesome how it is done: I would post screenshots but its too hard to capture. I think this could actually be very useful
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    UGVPS's domain doesn't work.

    Whelp UGVPS has deadpooled it looks like. Their website redirects to google now, and people are complaining that their server has been down for 5+ days
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    BuyVM deleting my ticket

    Well, I ordered a service from BuyVM and I realized I ordered in Las Vegas instead of NJ! Silly me so I submitted a ticket before my server was even setup and asked for the amount that I just paid for my Las Vegas vps to be added as account credit as the vps I wanted in NJ was sold out. I don't...
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    More awful WHMCS coding

    I was looking at the view source feature in chrome in the WHMCS mass mail tool. I found this: <input type="hidden" name="massmailquery" value="SELECT id,id AS userid,tblclients.firstname,tblclients.lastname, FROM tblclients WHERE id!='' AND tblclients.status IN...