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  1. SeriesN

    MegaDealThursday - NexusBytes - Final Deal of the Month! Free offsite backup VPS + More - NY/Germany/Free Windows 19 and more :)

    Who are we? Our motto: What is our “Mega Deal Thursday?” Deal of the Week/Month Basic-SSD-MT How Much? $4/mo or $48/year. (Customizable resource, Plans are stackable) Order Germany: Order NY:
  2. SeriesN

    It has been so long

    Just necroing, how are you guys :). Lot have changed since the last time I have logged in.
  3. SeriesN

    It has been so long

    You should move to ny man, your job is guranteed. Oh yes that netgear router. Needed it man like asap lol. It is not the stress, I just loved doing what i did and want to do it again. I don't have that much time to digg into premium market again but I have some fresh ideas that i will use on my...
  4. SeriesN

    It has been so long

    Hello there. Yeap, it has been ages since I posted here. I still visit vpb and wht on a daily basis, trying to keep on top of everything, but damn, do I not miss hosting biz. Sigh. Those were the days. Anyways, what has everyone been upto? DrMike is on his straight up bam bam role as always...
  5. SeriesN

    Happy Birthday Martin!

    Happy Birthday Oldie
  6. SeriesN

    LowEndTalk owners & admins promote racism

    Uhh, didn't usa make Bin Laden who he is(was), in order to fight against russia? Call me old but what?
  7. SeriesN

    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Ahh the dramas. Miss those days.
  8. SeriesN

    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Wasn't EOR issue with CC was a big blowup that lead to everyone figuring out LEN is actually owned by cc?
  9. SeriesN

    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Bamn good old bamn.
  10. SeriesN

    Transgenders and Crime Victims Protest Facebook's Real Name Policy

    Don't get on Facebook if you are trying to hide and not show your real name. Defeats the purpose. But, you can also get into super duper privacy protected mode and be safe from outsider stalkiing.
  11. SeriesN

    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Aldy the coke insider! The only person I can trust when it comes to coke related debate.
  12. SeriesN

    What you want to contain your VPS/KVM Client Area ?

    Something that everyone has and then add what you feel like others should have.
  13. SeriesN

    Happy 27th Birthday MannDude!

    Boy he got old very fast!
  14. SeriesN

    BlueVM sold / change of ownership? (UPDATE 5/14: Now owned by ChicagoVPS)

    A Lannister always pays his debt. But what if you are tyrion?
  15. SeriesN

    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Thanks man.
  16. SeriesN

    Looking for some VPS sponsors

    And what exactly is it in for the provider who would offer free vps?
  17. SeriesN

    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Bought a small little house and moved to queens. Less traffic than Brooklyn but sir, still too many cars.
  18. SeriesN

    The cesspit / chat thread.

    The best way to enjoy Summer, yes not by opening up a hosting business :P
  19. SeriesN

    Introduction thread