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    Cheap dedicated server

    You can visit our website and links on different social media for more information and help
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    Cheap 7'' display for your SBC

    Congratulations.Good luck with it.
  3. Vovaze

    Threads to collect

    However you haven't asked to anyone you just mentioned halfEatenpie but i Think that i will do so.
  4. Vovaze

    Can't start Thread

    This happens to everyone because in the beginning everything is very difficult but with the passage of time you will get used to it.
  5. Vovaze

    High Speed Dedicated Servers in USA at Affordable Price | 200 C CLass IPs | FREE Migration

    Professional Dedicated server is best of all. I will take it in consideration.
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    VPS (Xen HVM) - 50% off lifetime discount - try to find better server specs! From £3.50 pm!

    This the best deal I can find. I want to say rush towards it.
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    Pure SSD VPS - 15% Lifetime Discount - 24/7 Support - NL / SE / BG

    I don't think that's a better deal. You have to give some more discount.
  8. Vovaze - Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting - From $0.50/month - LiteSpeed, Softaculous

    I think they have much better packages than anyone.
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    Super Fast Linux and Windows Shared Hosting Plans From DailyRazor Web Host!

    It's very good and It got my eye. I think this the perfect package.
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    How about cryptocurrencies?

    If you're a beginner and you have low budget then you just invest money on ethereum or litecoin. But if you have enough budget then you can mine by putting at least 5 machines together then your mining will worth it.
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    I'm playing GTA 5 and it's too good. Loving it.
  12. Vovaze

    What are you listening to right now?

    I,m listening to this very good.
  13. Vovaze

    Is VPS ok to host a game server?

    Well I think dedicated servers are best.
  14. Vovaze

    Do web host really use SSD drives?

    If you ask me then I'll say that definitely server host provide "Solid State Drives".
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    SEO recommendations...

    Nowadays, it has become so easy that you can see how to do SEO by yourself on internet.
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    Is it okay to ask customers to review your services on forums or social media?

    Keep Marketing on one side and tell me through which other mean you will tell other people that you're good in your work. This is the only way to tell with a proof.
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    Hosting Marketing Strategies

    Mainly marketing depends on your client. Sometime ideas work but most important is your brain strategies
  18. Vovaze

    WebHostingTalk Worst of the Hosting Industry

    I agree with your opinion. Its better to move on than to argue because you cannot get anything in return.
  19. Vovaze

    Rackspace being sold to Apollo Global for 4.3 billion dollars

    I think company is facing loss but still $4.3 billion is a huge amount.
  20. Vovaze

    miniVPS has been sold.

    Congratulations Brother. Making effort to make MiniVPS and MiniWebHost larger brands than before.