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    Offload your hosting/server/systems tasks here!

    Web hosts! Do you sometimes have systems tasks you want to offload? Do your customers sometimes need customised setups? Do you want to focus on your core business?   Small businesses! Do you have a server that sometimes causes problems? Do you want to make sure that your websites are...
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    5x R1soft Linux CDP Enterprise licences I don't know what to do with!

    Hi all,   I have 5x R1soft Linux Enterprise CDP licences that I have purchased outright but no longer use or plan to use.   R1soft do not allow them to be sold, but they do allow them to be rented out.   I have a preference to lease them out together over a long term but I might be...
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    100% UK-based systems admin - from £20 - free monitoring by ServerDensity

    What we do We have profound technical expertise with Linux servers and in developing web applications of different varieties. We can help you with a range of systems administration tasks, development projects and more. Typical examples of work we take on are: Server migrations Server setups...
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    Short, memorable .com domain for VPS hosting

    I have a domain for sale that would be great for a VPS hosting business. It's short and memorable. Thought about using it but never did. If you're reading this I'm sure you know that good hosting domains are few and far between.   Image with domain name:
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    UK-based server management - discount inside

    I've been offering systems administration successfully for just over two years. Around a year ago, the company was formed and right now the company is working with key partners to grow its consultancy and software development aspects. As part of this growth, I have the following server...
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    Monitoring system - free beta

    I'm developing a server resource monitoring system as a more cost-efficient alternative to some of the big names. So far I have a (nearly) MVP and am adding new features every day. The system currently comprises load, memory, space, inodes, IO and TX/RX monitoring + alerting.   Screenshot...
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    We've open sourced

    (Cross-post from LET - I figured VPSBoard would be equally interested) After numerous conversations with customers, friends, investors and would-be interested parties, we've decided to open source our software and continue to grow the consultancy side of our business. This means that you can...
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    Put your hosting business on autopilot (freebie inside!)

    Running a web hosting company? Tired of the same old billing software? Want to stand out from the crowd? This is your opportunity. Loading Deck offers a modern approach to web hosting billing. It's new, its very nice and it starts from just £0/month. Key features: Full automation with cPanel...
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    Loading Deck's hosting automation is here! (Public beta)

    Loading Deck   We've just rolled out a massive update that is particularly relevant to the hosting market. Screenshots here.   This iteration includes the following major features:   Orders, products, product groups, servers and server groups A client-facing portal which you can easily...
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    Anyone need free billing? :)

    Hi everyone, I've decided to 'open up' Loading Deck, i.e. make it free. More information is here. Also happy to answer any questions. If you do decide to use it, an announcement retweet or follow @loadingdeck on Twitter would be appreciated :) This is not specifically for web hosts, and web...
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    Loading Deck - New UI and FREE Trial

    What is Loading Deck? Loading Deck Ltd is a new company dedicated to expertise in web development, consultancy and hosting. Our off-the-shelf services are our apps, which together with our unique and customisable dashboard (coming soon), form your Loading Deck.       What's Included...
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    [UK] Loading Deck - Fully Managed + Monitored OnApp Virtual Machines

    Loading Deck is pleased to offer fully managed and monitored virtual machines. With these unique packages, we take care of everything from a fully secured setup to software and hardware maintenance and resource monitoring. Further, we offer a 100% uptime SLA on these packages. All you have to do...
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    Loading Deck launch - billing system from £10/month

    What is Loading Deck? Loading Deck Ltd is a new company dedicated to expertise in web development, consultancy and hosting. Our off-the-shelf services are our apps, which together with our unique and customisable dashboard (coming soon), form your Loading Deck. What's Included Loading Deck is...
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    SSD Special in CustodianDC, Kent, UK - £5/month

    Hi all, As part of my consultancy business, I offer small-scale web hosting services. I have been managing web services for about 8 years now, and operating this specific, financially stable sole proprietorship for around a year and a half. You can be certain that when you're dealing with me...
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    What would you pay a premium for?

    As part of a recently registered SaaS company (the umbrella company for Billr and other apps we're developing), we're considering offering two additional services: - Technical consultancy - Bespoke hosting I want to hear people's opinions on the bespoke hosting. We will be using our own...
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    Hiring: Article Writer

    I'm looking for someone UK-based to help write a collection of FAQs and very basic how-to articles for the upcoming release of Billr, and report any bugs or potential improvements they find in the process.   When the guides are done, there is a potential to stay on as a Billr support rep.  ...
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    [UK] OnApp/KVM - Make me an offer

    Howdy, I operate a small-scale web hosting business based on the KVM architecture and the OnApp control panel. Servers are based in Kent, UK in the Custodian data centre. All plans are based on Intel 520 SSDs in hardware RAID10, and Intel Xeon E3-1240V2 CPUs. There is more information on my...
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    Linux server problems? I'm here to help.

    I'm a former PPE and current MSci (Hons) Computer Science Innovation student at Lancaster University. I am also a seasoned Linux systems architect specialising in virtualisation. I am based in Lancaster, in the Northwest of England. If you're having problems with your Linux servers, I'm here to...
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    [UK] SSD Servers on KVM/OnApp - £12.75/quarter

    Fed up of slow servers and unresponsive/incompetent hosts? Owing to a few non-payers I have 3-4 of the following available immediately on my OnApp/KVM system. Offer 5GB of SSD (Intel 520s in Adaptec RAID10) + 1GB of SSD SWAP 768MB DDR3 Memory 2x Intel Xeon E3-1240V2 Cores 150GB Bandwidth...
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    OpenVZ IO accounting spreadsheet

    I wrote a little script which is so little and so useful I thought it should be shared :)   This is to gather the IO reads and writes by container ID and put them in an Excel-friendly format. Just copy and paste the script in and copy and paste the results into Excel.   for CT in $(vzlist...