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  1. VPN.SH - £1/year Offer - 24 locations - Expires 30th June

    Hey vpsBoard! It's been a long time since we last ran our £1/year offer at, but it's back until the end of this month! You'll get a VPN account with 150GB bandwidth to use throughout the 12 months (1000GB for £3/year here), which you can share across all of our 24 locations. We have...
  2. VPN.SH

    FixedRoute - Atlanta Launch Special - Dedicated IP VPN's from $10/year

    Hey vpsBoard, At FixedRoute we're running a promotion to celebrate launching in Atlanta! This is only available for the first 100 orders, and we expect these to sell out fairly quickl! With FixedRoute, you'll get a dedicated IP VPN in your chosen location. For this offer we are providing two...
  3. VPN.SH

    Would you be interested in this? VPN plug & play device

    Hey vpsBoard :), So I'm working alongside a company at the moment who are trying to gauge what sort of interest there would be in this plug & play VPN device. The process is fairly simple. You plug the device into your router using an ethernet cable, and a power source (can be powered via...
  4. VPN.SH

    FixedRoute - Cyber Monday - Dedicated IP VPN's from $1.25/month - NYC or Seattle

    Hey vpsBoard, We're running a Cyber Monday promotion over at FixedRoute, so get hold of yours before they run out! Limited stock only! With FixedRoute, you'll get a dedicated IP VPN in either New York City or Seattle. We currently have two data options: 500GB/month and 1500GB/month. These are...
  5. VPN.SH

    FixedRoute - Dedicated IP VPN's in Seattle & NYC - From $1.50/month

    Hey vpsBoard, As some of you are aware, I started offering some dedicated IP VPN's over at VPN.SH that ended up having issues getting launched. The demand was fairly high, and whilst there are some ongoing issues at VPN.SH, I took the plunge to move the dedicated IP's to a fresh service...
  6. VPN.SH - Incredibly Cheap Yearly VPN - 27 Locations

    Hey vpsBoard, At we're running a very special offer over at our offer page. The idea is that the price increases by £1 each day up until the 23rd May, when the price becomes locked at £10/year. The price is currently at £2/year, and when it bumps up to £3/year at 23:00 GMT 14th May...
  7. VPN.SH

    Selling 0.14 BTC - $55 - PayPal

    Hey vpsBoard, Got 0.14 BTC that I'm wanting to sell. Please PM me if you're interested. Payment to be made by PayPal. Could probably get one or two people to pop in and confirm legitimate and easy sales (depending on their discretion) if needed. Thanks, Liam
  8. VPN.SH

    Looking for people to contribute to server-related news platform

    Hey there, I'm looking for people to work with me on contributing towards a new platform that I'm creating that's related to VPS, dedicated server and hosting news. If you're interested, please drop me a PM. The idea is to keep the content quick and to the point so that users can get a good...
  9. VPN.SH

    Android/iOS Development

    Hey guys, Bit of a long shot but here goes: Anybody able to recommend somebody to use for Android/iOS development needs? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks, Liam
  10. VPN.SH

    0.153 BTC for sale

    Hey guys, Selling 0.153 BTC if anybody is interested in buying. Preferably want payment over PayPal. Please PM me if interested in buying either the full amount, or a chunk (preferably nothing small than 0.07). Thanks, Liam
  11. VPN.SH

    Hiring English to French Translator

    Hey guys, If anybody is fluent in French, or knows of anyone who is and can provide a translation of a website for me, please get in touch. I want something professional, grammatically correct, and no Google Translate rubbish etc. Most likely going to have it proofread as well to ensure...
  12. VPN.SH - 17 VPN Locations - 250GB Bandwidth - £2/month

    Hey there vpsBoard,   So at we've got a fresh offer for you. Access to all 17 of our VPN locations (with more coming very shortly!), and 250GB bandwidth to share across our locations for just £2/month.   We've been offering our services for almost a year now, and have had some...
  13. VPN.SH - $7/year - 100GB - 17 Locations

    Hey vpsBoard! At we're throwing a deal now rather than on Black Friday. All of our clients will get a nice surprise on Black Friday instead, meaning to get hold of the surprise, you need to be a client with us before Black Friday (29th November)! Get a VPN in 17 locations with access...
  14. VPN.SH - Pay What You Want - Incredible YEARLY VPN Offer

    Hey vpsBoard! It was just over a year ago that rolled out our first Beta, and we're celebrating by providing a "Pay What You Want" offer!  Get a VPN with 20GB worth of bandwidth per month in 17 locations with access to PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN, and PAY WHAT YOU WANT for a whole 12 months...
  15. VPN.SH - Crazy Offer! - 100GB - 17 Locations

    Hey vpsBoard! At we've got what is likely to be our last offer in terms of discounts, as we're implementing more premium features shortly and won't be able to offer services at anything close to the prices we're offering today. You do not want to miss out! Get a VPN in 17...
  16. VPN.SH - £0.99/month - 20GB - 17 Locations

    Hey vpsBoard! At we've got another offer for the community. Get a VPN in 17 locations with access to PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. This is great for streaming, and for having access to a variety of locations for a great price. Get your VPN for just £0.99/month ($1.51) - Order Link PROMOTION...
  17. VPN.SH - $14/year - 100GB - 17 Locations

    Hey vpsBoard! At we've got some new locations and an offer to go with it! Get a VPN in 17 locations with access to PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. This is great for streaming, and for having access to a variety of locations for a great price. Get your VPN for just £9/year ($14) - Order Link...
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    [IN NEED OF] Graphics fanatic - Need some banners

    Hey guys :) Anybody here good with graphics and fancy making a few dollars by playing around with some banners? Not going to be a large payment at all, and looking more for someone who's just good with Photoshop, an "expert" isn't essential, just somebody who knows their way around. Drop me a...
  19. VPN.SH - Very Limited Offer - $8/year - 5GB VPN - 15 Locations

    Hey vpsBoard! At we have a very limited offer for you guys! Get a VPN in 15 locations with access to PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. This offer is perfect for anyone who doesn't need to use large amounts of data over a VPN frequently, but occasionally needs access to many different locations...
  20. VPN.SH - 50GB vpsBoard special - 13 locations - $2.79/m OR $21/y

    Hey vpsBoard! At we have a special offer for vpsBoard! Get a VPN in 13 locations with access to PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. Get your VPN for just