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  1. vanarp

    Is vSwap allocated in RAM or Disk?

    I see vSwap has replaced Burst RAM in OpenVZ products with most providers. So this vSwap is allocated in Physical Memory or Disk Storage by the VPS providers?
  2. vanarp

    What Munin graphs are important to you?

    I would like to know what Munin graphs are important to you as a VPS user. Especially if your VPS is running as a webserver hosting multiple sites/blogs.
  3. vanarp

    Why swapping when there is free memory?

    There is swapping happening on my VPS when there is still free memory available. I always thought swapping does happen when the physical memory cannot accommodate the need. Appreciate your help to understand this. free -h total used free shared buffers...
  4. vanarp

    How to Optimize Apache for 128MB VPS?

    In general Apache is known to consume much more memory than Nginx. But I keep coming across comments like "if configured properly Apache works fine too". so I am looking for how to optimize Apache on a 128MB VPS and yet handle as much traffic possible. It will also be useful if you can provide...
  5. vanarp

    Help with GitHub

    After seeing Minstall and Lowendscript like scripts hosted on GitHub, I too feel like using it for my script collection / own scripts if any. I have no prior experience with GitHub or Git and so here I seek your help. Few quick questions: - Are all repositories accessible on GitHub considered...
  6. vanarp

    Looking for help with self hosted VOIP system

    Basically I am looking for help to setup my own Google Talk or Skype like system so that me and friends can talk (voice chat) over it. While I do not know anything about such stuff, I am optimistic that there should be Open Source software and people should have already done it. There is no...
  7. vanarp

    Is there a GUI tool to copy data between servers?

    I am looking for a GUI tool (Windows/Linux/Browser-based) that helps with copying data between two different servers (of course VPSes) directly without having to route the data through the PC.
  8. vanarp

    What is your favorite LAMP or LEMP script for VPS?

    Appreciate you sharing more details along with voting. This might be quite useful to a lot of people.
  9. vanarp

    Suggest a distro for my netbook

    I have a HP mini netbook with Atom N2800 processor and 2GB RAM. It came pre-installed with Win7 starter (32-bit) and it works great. With my itching to use Linux, I installed Linux Mint 13 (XFCE) as dual boot and it works fine. But I cannot feel it as smooth as Win7 runs. Running Linux Mint...
  10. vanarp

    What the provider means by saying NO to Torrents?

    I see a lot of providers saying NO to torrents in general and specifically to piracy stuff. Do they mean that the customer should not be running a torrent client hosted on the VPS? What if the client uses the VPS as a proxy or run a VPN and use the torrent client on his computer?
  11. vanarp

    Ways we can help VPSB to become more popular

    Some of the ways (of course voluntarily) we can help VPSB to grow and become popular: 1) Invite your current VPS provider(s) to join the conversations on VPSB 2) Suggest your current VPS providers(s) to post Offers on VPSB *as well* 3) Mention specific thread links of VPSB on other popular...
  12. vanarp

    How do you track your own VPS collection

    Within a year of getting into VPS, I already have four of them. I am sure many here must be owning much higher number of VPSes and could have found an easier way to keep a track of them all. So what is your method of tracking VPSes? Is there a tool like dAgent or a cool Spreadsheet template or...
  13. vanarp

    Let's track the ranking of this forum...

    vpsBoard does have Alexa rank of 3,765,392 at this time. Let's keep a watch on how it improves as it becomes popular day by day...   Used below tool to check multiple rankings at once:
  14. vanarp

    Copy now offers 20 GB for free

    Copy now offers 15GB with their free account and 5GB bonus with every referral. Sign up now and grab 20GB before it lasts.
  15. vanarp

    Help with Forum

    Can we have someway to see all the latest updated posts on home page instead of having to go through various sections? I think that gives better opportunity to participate as much. Also, I am not able to adjust to this theme/template. It is too dull to my eyes. Do we have a way to change it?