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    Custom VPS Panel - Suggestions, tips and ideas

    Ah, my apologies. I assumed that there may be a full demo setup with the ability to create VM's etc without them actually existing, so purely to get a feel for the system.
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    Custom VPS Panel - Suggestions, tips and ideas

    Do you have some test credentials setup for the demo?
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    Starting a VPS business with $10,000. How would you spend it?

    Interesting topic idea. I'll come back and edit this after dinner, looking forward to seeing some other responses!
  4. VPN.SH - £1/year Offer - 24 locations - Expires 30th June

    Hey vpsBoard! It's been a long time since we last ran our £1/year offer at, but it's back until the end of this month! You'll get a VPN account with 150GB bandwidth to use throughout the 12 months (1000GB for £3/year here), which you can share across all of our 24 locations. We have...
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    FixedRoute - Atlanta Launch Special - Dedicated IP VPN's from $10/year

    Hey vpsBoard, At FixedRoute we're running a promotion to celebrate launching in Atlanta! This is only available for the first 100 orders, and we expect these to sell out fairly quickl! With FixedRoute, you'll get a dedicated IP VPN in your chosen location. For this offer we are providing two...
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    FixedRoute - Cyber Monday - Dedicated IP VPN's from $1.25/month - NYC or Seattle

    You'll be up and running within the next hour or so. Apologies for the delays.
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    Would you be interested in this? VPN plug & play device

    That may potentially be an option. I'll have to take a look at the specifics, but offering both could be a possibility. The hardware will certainly be open and reusable. Thanks, it should be an interesting project, and could prove to be helpful for those who have devices that don't play nicely...
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    Would you be interested in this? VPN plug & play device

    Editing the configuration will be a possibility, as obviously if somebody wishes to use a different VPN service after their first year then this needs to be an option :)
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    Would you be interested in this? VPN plug & play device

    Glad to hear that you see this as a good approach. To clarify, it's looking like this will be with each client on their own dedicated IP. We may be able to offer multiple locations at an additional cost, however initially it's looking like it'll be a case of the user selecting one location (from...
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    Would you be interested in this? VPN plug & play device

    Hey vpsBoard :), So I'm working alongside a company at the moment who are trying to gauge what sort of interest there would be in this plug & play VPN device. The process is fairly simple. You plug the device into your router using an ethernet cable, and a power source (can be powered via...
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    MyServerPlanet Ltd - New UK Location including £8/mo dedicated server - US VPS nodes!

    £8/month dedicated servers in the UK? Impressed. EDIT: Heads up guys, looking at a week or so setup time.
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    WOW ! 100TB Servers - Dedicated 1Gbit Uplink - Special Offers Only $99

    When I see "100TB Servers", somehow I think 100TB storage :S. Anybody else get this impression? How much for additional HDD's?
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    OpticServers LTD goes live with owned Datacenter! Uk Based

    Guessing those 13 IP's are outside of your network? Just want to be careful, it's not ideal if your network goes down and your customers can't contact you about it.
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    OpticServers LTD goes live with owned Datacenter! Uk Based

    Just had a look at that HF thread. I imagine that a fair amount of people around here will avoid using your services if they know that you're advertising there. It generally presents a risk that people don't want to take on board, and also some people morally disagree with hosts posting there in...
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    A visual comparison of provider's and their custom control panels. Lots of screenshots!

    I quite like what KgoVPS have got going on over there.
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    Trend Projection

    I've no idea what the "newest trend" will be, but it's certainly interesting watching the progressions. I do like the idea of hourly billing, however as far as I know, there isn't any provider offering hourly billing in the form of being able to turn off a container, whilst rebooting it on...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm going to be honest here, I love a lot of old music as many of you know by now but I was never a big Dylan fan. I went through a phase in High School where I thought Bob Dylan was awesome, maybe I got burned out of it to too quickly, but I've never willingly listened to anything of his for...
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    How did you come up with your company name?

    Without meaning to take this too far off topic - what are your thoughts on unused domains being sat there doing nothing (or very little)? With it was simply a domain that somebody was selling at the same time that I was putting together a VPN service. Worked out fairly nicely, as VPN.*...