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    Good Slides about Anycasting Anyone looking to do Anycast and wondering where to start here's a good rundown of what's needed and things you can do.  The biggest hurdles are being able to announce your own space or having carriers that will ensure it's routed...
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    Post ARIN Depletion

    ARIN's down to .20 now.  Not sure why they have not gone the route of RIPE and say /22 and you're done at this point.  Nobody's doing anything to encourage IPv6 adoption any faster.  Time the government stepped in and give tax breaks for purchases to enable IPv6.
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    Front Range Hosting website and SolusVM Master down temporarily

    There was a coolant leak and the cabinet was splashed so the server hosting our website and SolusVM master have been taken down as a precaution to inspect if any coolant intruded into the server itself.  All VM Nodes and cPanel nodes are in different cabinets and are not impacted. Site...
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    ARIN Stock Changes Feb 2014 - Down to 1.38

    Feb 14 1.41 Total /9: 1 Total /10: 2 Total /11: 1 Total /12: 1 Total /14: 2 Total /15: 2 Total /16: 13 Total /17: 14 Total /18: 19 Total /19: 20 Total /20: 14 Total /21: 90 Total /22: 94 Total /23: 517 Total /24: 1265 Feb 17 1.40 Total /9: 1 Total /10: 2 Total /11: 1 Total /12: 1 Total /14: 2...
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    Total Server Solutions - Stock Clearance Sale, Once They're Gone they're Gone

    Total Server Solutions is having a inventory clearance sale.  We have limited availability at our [email protected] facilities in New Jersey, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.  Prices starting at 159.00/mo with choices of upgrades as well for extra.  The list is pretty extensive so instead...
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    SolusVM Beta 15.0.1[]=15#beta_release_notes ploop support (I've bugged them about this extensively there are benefits). KVM client area gets a root reset button - yay. Other fixes.
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    OnApp Cloud KVM VM's from 6.00/mo

    The future is the Cloud. Front Range Hosting/WireSix is now offering OnApp Cloud services in Atlanta, (Los Angeles, and 3rd Location TBA) with our base 512MB 20GB 1TB Plan starting out at 6.00/mo. Our [email protected] Datacenter Locations Feature Multiple Diverse Network Providers 10GB/s Internap FCP...
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    WireSix/FrontRangeHosting CDN, PUSH PULL VOD STREAM @ 0.038/GB or 39.00/TB

    Front Range Hosting is looking for people wanting a global CDN with better pricing than Akamai, Rack Space, or Amazon AWS. Our Pricing is simple.  .038/GB that’s approx 39.00/TB of data transfer. We support: HTTP Pull HTTP Push VOD Streaming No Content Restrictions other than it be supported...
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    WireSix/Front Range Hosting - SSD OpenVZ From 1.50/mo OnApp Cloud From 6.00/mo

    WireSix/FrontRangeHosting SSD Offers For 2014 All SSD OpenVZ Plans! Semi Managed: We help with VM issues, simple software installs such as Virtualmin or cPanel. Abbreviated TOS:  No CPU Miners, No Spamming, No Nefarious Network Activities. Atlanta - WireSix/[email protected] Los Angeles - WireSix/[email protected]
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    md5 hash of process names

    using output of ps -eo pid,comm Would like to do a md5sum of comm while keeping associated with it's pid. ps -eo pid,comm | awk '{ tmp="echo -n "$2" | openssl md5 | cut -f2 -d\" \"" tmp | getline cksum $2=cksum...
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    Front Range Hosting(WireSix) BlackFriday/CyberMonday Offers Inside!

    Front Range Hosting offers powerful, fast SSD Accelerated OpenVZ & KVM VPS Solutions. Now Part of Server Solutions) (Rebranding in progress) which gives us access to 6 data centers spanning the United States Our nodes feature SSD Arrays in RAID-10 Configuration, Gigabit...
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    Dual E5620 2x1TB 16GB [email protected] Los Angeles [email protected] 109/mo

    We have a server special for those that are interested at our [email protected] Facility in Los Angeles.  Upgrades for extra available. Dual E5620 16GB RAM 2x1TB 7200HDD 10TB On 100MB Port 1 - IP 109/mo Upgrade Options: Up to 64G RAM 100MB Unmetered for 25.00 1G Port and Unmetered 1G SSD's and up...
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    WireSix/Front Range Hosting - SSD OpenVZ/KVM Plans from 1.50/mo

    This is our first ad since the merger with WireSix.  For now we still say Front Range Hosting until we merge websites in the near future. All SSD OpenVZ Plans! Atlanta @ [email protected] Facility aka WireSix Bandwidth Providers:     Inteliquent     Savvis     AboveNet     Atlanta TIE     Packet...
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    Front Range Hosting Joins with Total Server Solutions and Expands Offerings

    Over the years here at Front Range Hosting, it has been our privilege to provide you with hosting services and a great customer experience.  We always strive to provide you, our customer, with the highest levels of uptime, service, and respect.  As Front Range Hosting has grown, we’ve realized...
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    Perl Help

    sub runSsh {   my $command = shift;   my $output;   my $cmdOut = `ssh -o strictHostKeyChecking=no -l $user -i $keyFile $routeServer \"ping -c4\" `; Any idea why $cmdOut is blank?
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    cPanel Outbound Spam Protection

    Just noticed that cPanel from 11.3x started offering outbound spam protection.  Guess they're trying to keep up with some plesk features for once. Still no IPv6 yet, though I think that's on bleeding edge releases.
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    Fraud Fail

    Had a user fail fraud checks and we ask for ID. They upload the id. Filename.. Fake1.jpg
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    Front Range Hosting, Multiple Locations VPS/Cloud Servers From 1.50/mo

    Front Range Hosting offers powerful, fast SSD Accelerated OpenVZ & KVM VPS Solutions, OnApp Cloud, AnyCast DNS Hosting, Global Content Delivery Network Services, and much more. Using the latest Intel E5 Series Processors Coupled with LSI CacheCade SSD Caching Technology.  We have some of the...
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    Review Whoring

    I know I have a few customers here that frequent things.  Could you kindly post some reviews :) I dont seem to find any on here or LET so trying to fill this gap.