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  1. Novacha

    Introducing the official vpsBoard git hosting service (free)

    In collaboration with @MannDude, I have set up a community git service, similar to GitHub. This service uses gitlab to provide project management and is run and hosted by @MannDude. The main intent of this service is to have a local, in-house way to host projects provided by the community...
  2. Novacha

    [Beta Testers Needed] Open Offers System

    Just a while back, I posted a thread about an open source alternative to low end box. I started development shortly after and today the system has now been put in beta! With the help of @Pmadd (Jenkins unit testing server) and @MannDude (providing the beta server and the domain name), I have...
  3. Novacha

    [Open Source] Offer listings software

    Yesterday I was given an idea on IRC (I won't say who it is, in case they do want me to) of a open alternative to low end box. Something that is based on transparency and something that is actually good ;). There are a lot of review sites for VPS' around, but many of them are in a blog format...
  4. Novacha

    Server management system

    As the amount of virtual servers I own increased, I had trouble keeping track of them, what their purpose was and all their details (cost, memory, etc.). I used to keep an excel spreadsheet, but it wasn't able to do a lot of what I wanted. Over the week or so, I have been working on a server...
  5. Novacha

    Looking for shared hosting with WSGI support

    I am not sure if this is in the correct section, but there does not seem to be any specific request section for shared hosting. I am looking for shared hosting which meets the following criteria: Has some form of WSGI support Allows for custom SSL certificates to be installed (I am willing to...
  6. Novacha

    A VPS index / database

    Recently, when looking for a semi-specific server, I realised there was no terribly great option for getting accurate results. The sites that exist are often slow to update, often incorrect for long periods of times and tend not to show coupons, discounts and specials. I personally believe that...
  7. Novacha

    How does KVM CPU work?

    It was my understanding (at least from looking at some general posts) that on a KVM virtualised system, you can utilize all the CPU allocated to you. Is this true? For instance, on OpenVZ in a standard oversold environment you would not be allowed to usually have a load average of above 1.0. On...