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  1. fatboy

    Looking for various VPS with cPanel

    Evening all. I am being asked by people to set their servers up for them, install cpanel, lock down etc but when I get their server details some of the, really suck hard! At the moment I am using Crissic. Their service is good and I don't have a problem so if people ask me for servers in...
  2. fatboy

    Very basic squid installer

    Okay, trying to learn BASH whilst trying to get my head round servers a little bit more so put together a script that will setup squid to use any internet facing IP address and username / password authentication. The installer will try to find out what distro / architecture the box is running...
  3. fatboy

    Starting off with IPv6 - confused already!

    Evening all.  I know this is probably something you all deal with on a daily basis but when it comes to IPv6 I know I should be looking into it, but I haven't got a clue on why or where to start. I have read various posts across a few boards on what I should be doing, I have read about tunnels...
  4. fatboy

    Is anyone else using LoveVPS?

    Only wanted to know what their experience of the company is - in the last 3 weeks I have put two support tickets in, one for billingasking them to split my invoice back into separate ones as they bundled one invoice that needed paying with one that was due in 10 days time! Heard absolutely...
  5. fatboy

    Advice on finding a decent reseller account

    Hey all. Had a look through some of the offers on here and to be honest, I don't know who is any good any more so thought I would ask if anyone has an opinion on who would provide a decent service? I only want a reseller account to host my own sites, no customers under me etc. I am currently...
  6. fatboy

    Proper redundancy question.

    Evening all. I write software for Windows that, at the moment, means people have to download a new install package when I update something. I have been messing with a few things and there is a way I can get the software to connect to the server at startup and download anything new automatically...
  7. fatboy

    512Mb VPS in Europe

    Looking for a decent spec in a VPS in Europe.  Only things that I definitely want are: 512Mb Guaranteed RAM 2 IP addresses (1 for SSL use) EU Location (or at a push East Coast US, but only if I can't find a EU location) The VPS will be for hosting 4 or 5 sites, 3 Wordpress and a couple of...
  8. fatboy

    [Wanted - script] Auto proxy set up

    Afternoon all - I reposted Nyrs OpenVPN setup script in the turtorials and guides forum and then got to thinking, does anyone have a nice easy install script for a private proxy? Thinking something like 3proxy as its nice and small? Thanks in advance!
  9. fatboy

    [Simple Script] Set Up Virtual Hosts On Ubuntu

    Not sure if this would be of any use to people who do this day in and day out, but for me it saves a few minutes when setting up a new domain on a server. Two files, one the script and one the blank template that is used to create the entry to sites-available. Stick 'template' in...
  10. fatboy

    [Script] Set up VPN server on Debian based systems

    Pinched this from Nyr on LET but well worth putting here as well, helped me no end. Automated install for OpenVPN server - even a newbie like me had it up and going within minutes