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  1. Novacha

    Need someone to integrate a Python powered site to a template.

    Just to let everyone know, the template language is Django's template language. All template files can be found under app's template folders and in the base template folder.  The base template folder is called templates (
  2. Novacha

    Small redis key/value database

    Yeah, uses redis as a lightweight broker.
  3. Novacha

    Ideas and suggestions for vpsBoard

    I have built in this functionality. You can go ahead and visit: If you are in a rush, there is a compact list at the bottom. This list will change automatically as providers purchase new advertising space or decide to discontinue their advertisement.
  4. Novacha

    Ideas and suggestions for vpsBoard

    If you want, I can build in a page for a list of all providers with active ads and what ads they are?
  5. Novacha

    Expired Promo Codes

    Seriously, do you have something against simple punctuation? That sentence is extremely hard to read (I still can not make sense of it all).
  6. Novacha

    Expired Promo Codes

    I don't think I can beat that logic! 
  7. Novacha

    Expired Promo Codes

    I have read every singe one of your posts (well, the comprehensible ones anyway), and the trend follows through, even to the post that I am replying to. Being on a mobile is not an excuse, as there are many other members here who type on their mobile and are able to format their posts (even I...
  8. Novacha

    Expired Promo Codes

    When you post publicly, you create an image of yourself and your company. Right now, all I see is immaturity and ignorance and these qualities would instantly put you on the "do not do business with" list for me. Please format your posts (capitalisation, punctuation, etc.) and reread your posts...
  9. Novacha


    Sorry for that port change! MannDude told me about it but it completely slipped my mind that it would stop pushes through SSH. A few weeks ago one of Gitlab's side-processes crashed, rendering the projects page blank. Since then, I have upgraded Gitlab to the latest version so there might be a...
  10. Novacha

    Daily Server Deals has launched!

    I will just pop in quickly to say that you assume that the first datacenter added is the most accurate. If Incero was not in the datacenter list, someone might decide to add Incerohost as the name of the datacenter, and every other provider would either have to find alternatives (like Incero...
  11. Novacha

    Daily Server Deals has launched!

    As I have stated above, your solution is, in my opinion, neither an easy one to implement, nor a viable one to implement. As a matter of fact, I would go as far as saying it is not a solution at all. The number of datacenters I have had to add in the past month have been 0, as we pretty much...
  12. Novacha

    Daily Server Deals has launched!

    Providers request a datacenter to be added, and an admin adds it? I fail to see the issue here. This prevents abuse of the system and numerous other issues with similar datacenter names. Should you feel the urgent need for improvement, please submit a pull request. In the future when...
  13. Novacha

    Daily Server Deals has launched!

    You pretty much nailed the front-end stuff there. There have been some huge backend changes and the site should generally be faster (we now use caching). 
  14. Novacha

    Brainstorming an idea

    Would I be able to suggest Django? It is very app-oriented, and would be perfect to slot plugins into (so each app controls it's own urls, views and raw templates [but extend a base template]). Django is also a feature-full framework and is easier to lift a project off the ground, which is an...
  15. Novacha

    Brainstorming an idea

    If this goes off, count me in. I would always be happy to help!
  16. Novacha

    vpsBoard community gameserver...

    You would need to link accounts up the vpsBoard accounts (either database wise, or just knowing who is who). Perhaps here is some sort of IPBoard integration plugin around? I'd probably go play some MC on a vpsBoard server from time to time, though I do not often play games these days  ;)
  17. Novacha

    UGVPS's domain doesn't work.

    I got an email around 2 hours ago stating the following: I thought this might be relevant.
  18. Novacha

    Website page capture --- online and as it was

    I remember using wget's mirror option a few years ago to clone websites with all their assets. It would require some customisation to have a versioned website capturing system, but it shouldn't be too hard to hack together.
  19. Novacha

    New MBPR Recommended Apps

    No... That would be a terrible start  ;)
  20. Novacha

    List of community links.

    What tool are you using to do this? Is it custom built? It looks good!