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  1. fatboy

    RA4W LLC|UK|Voxility 500Gbps DDoS Protected|1 Gbps|SSD|Starting from $2/month

    Just a heads up to say that their nodes seem to be dropping off and there are rumours over at LET that the company is being wound up. Support tickets are no longer being answered either by the look of it. I bought one as I needed a test box for a month or so - got my $2 out of it :)...
  2. fatboy

    Gardening Time - 2015

    Getting a lot of tomatoes and runner beans but once again I went OTT and overplanted. That means my courgettes and squashes are suffering and I am not getting a lot from them. Corn is doing well and have 10 ears waiting to mature. Its a popcorn variety so lets see what that brings! Got a lot of...
  3. fatboy

    Cisco Buying OpenDNS for $683 Million

    To be honest, think this could be one of the better mergers that have happened in a watch it go tits up!
  4. fatboy

    Favorite Hollywood Actor ?

    Ooooh, tough choice for me - either Al Pacino or Dustin Hoffman, although Pacino seems to be doing more comedy type films lately which, in my opinion, isn't his bag. Stay playing the bad guy / gangster and I am a happy man. On the other hand Hoffman can turn his hand to anything and does it...
  5. fatboy

    Gardening Time - 2015

    My veggie patch has been on the go for a couple of months after sowing and growing in the conservatory for a month or so - this means the veggie patch is looking quite green at the moment. Only problem is, due to the crappy weather, there is some funky growth problems going on - my runner...
  6. fatboy - Reviews

    Oh man I thought this was all done and dusted last night before I finished my cocoa and went to bed. How about a line is drawn under it all. We all seem to agree that Crissic does a cracking job on the infrastrutcure side of life and some people think the support could be a bit more pink and...
  7. fatboy - Reviews

    Just sounds like the OP had some non-routine requirements and got a bit frustrated. Easy to do in this day and age, luckily I have my gardening and chickens to calm down with, either that or its my age - I just can't be assed to get that wound up any more. Perhaps a breakdown of communications...
  8. fatboy - Reviews

    Hate to sound like a fanboy but have to say, for the price I pay Crissic, the VPS is one of the best I have. Can Skylar be short in support tickets, hell yes. Do I care, not a jot. As long as I get the info I want in the reply, along with a working VPS I am a happy man. Rather have the facts in...
  9. fatboy

    vpsBoard Top Providers of 2014 voting.

    Got rid of quite a few providers this year so I will have to vote for the two that I am still using :) 3 points - Crissic, been using a VPS for a while now to host a few sites and have not had a single problem. Skylar seems a cool guy who is polite but to the point, keep it going for 2015! 2...
  10. fatboy

    Looking for various VPS with cPanel

    Cheers chaps - will take a look at the ones you have recommended :) Its good to have personal recommendations instead of diving in blind!
  11. fatboy

    2015 New Years Resolutions?

    Holy Crap MannDude - you are right, I would love to have that!!
  12. fatboy

    Looking for various VPS with cPanel

    Evening all. I am being asked by people to set their servers up for them, install cpanel, lock down etc but when I get their server details some of the, really suck hard! At the moment I am using Crissic. Their service is good and I don't have a problem so if people ask me for servers in...
  13. fatboy

    2015 New Years Resolutions?

    Gardening is indeed a cracking stress reliever - I have a regular 9-5 that, without my garden and of course a good family, I would be in an institute at Her Majestys pleasure! We are lucky to have a biggish garden (in UK town terms) and we have chickens as well. We practice square foot...
  14. fatboy

    2015 New Years Resolutions?

    I know I am not a regular amongst you guys, so hopefully you don't mind a stranger having a post :) I am generally really really bad with resolutions to the point I have made none for the past few years, however, with the new year comes new plans: 1.Grow and make more use of veg in the garden...
  15. fatboy

    What are you listening to right now?

    The new Queen Album - Forever........
  16. fatboy

    Very basic squid installer

    Okay, trying to learn BASH whilst trying to get my head round servers a little bit more so put together a script that will setup squid to use any internet facing IP address and username / password authentication. The installer will try to find out what distro / architecture the box is running...
  17. fatboy

    BuyVM announces Europe, Anycast IP's, Floating IP's, & Bandwidth pooling!

    I got money burning a hole in my pocket that will help buy new handles............. :D
  18. fatboy

    Starting off with IPv6 - confused already!

    Evening all.  I know this is probably something you all deal with on a daily basis but when it comes to IPv6 I know I should be looking into it, but I haven't got a clue on why or where to start. I have read various posts across a few boards on what I should be doing, I have read about tunnels...
  19. fatboy

    BuyVM announces Europe, Anycast IP's, Floating IP's, & Bandwidth pooling!

    Yes, a decent EU location - haven't a clue what all the other stuff means but a EU box, gimmie, gimmie, gimmie :D
  20. fatboy

    Soooo I got screwed by Phones4U my pre-ordered IPhone6 got canceled

    To be honest, in my opinion, EE are shitty full stop. Penny pinching their customers, and by the look of it their partners, is top of their game. Lost count of how many times I had to get on the phone to sort out problems with EE. Canned my contract early, they said they owed my 160 odd quid...