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    This is why we choose not to participate within vpsboard, the moderation of the irc to us reflects the moderation of the site. +1
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    To Phone or not to Phone

    We also have a Toll-Free number for fully managed clients useing Elastix.
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    96MB and smaller lowend VPS packages - the offer list

    Are 64MB plan is in stock, This thread was started when we had all sales suspended prior to an inter-datacenter move (along with our advertising).
  4. Maximum_VPS

    Home internet speeds

    35 Download 10 Upload ~100/m - Rural Area
  5. Maximum_VPS

    Quiting smoking.

    Worst? I don't know, basically your taking thousands of chemicals and cancer causing agents and trading them for just two or three (possibly in concentrated amounts). I am also un aware of any standards or regulation with e-cigs. Would be interesting im sure.
  6. Maximum_VPS

    Quiting smoking.

    Went from a pack a day+ (13+ years) to e-cigs still the occasional craving for a real cigarette but been over 2 months doing good.
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    NYPD have been stopping people and asking them to upgrade to iOS7

    Really hope this is a troll attempt. :huh:
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    End Of The World Job Interview

    Oh i would have lost it :) Now i want one for a terminal screen :P
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    15 vpses (looking)

    - Removed
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    Happy birthday, HalfEatenPie!

    Happy Birthday :)
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    What is size of your Monitor?

    17" laptop or when i feel like it the 42" tv :)
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    What's in your computer junk?

    Just a few things i threw in a pile sitting around.. have allot more in boxes :/
  13. Maximum_VPS

    Need a 512MB RAM vps - any location

    Why not go KVM? :) $7.00/mo RAM: 512MB RAM Diskspace: 15GB RAID 10 "hardware" Location:LA Bandwidth: 512GB IPv4: 1 IPv6: 16
  14. Maximum_VPS

    Use logwatch to keep an eye on your logfiles

    @wlanboy another excellent Guide :)
  15. Maximum_VPS

    Which OS will you support

    Centos & Debian they rock :)
  16. Maximum_VPS

    Running your own mail server

    Excellent tutorial / walk through wlanboy! Though i use iredmail this style is my preferd for low ram use / leb's :)
  17. Maximum_VPS

    Man beats bank on their own game

    I with the "That man deserves a statue or something" boat, got em good :)
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    Apache 2.4 Mess

    I miss the easy old config for it, now its 1k lines :/ lighttpd is now my fav for non production. Il sugest spining up a duplicate vps ... go from there. is this ip/name vhost? check your directives ? :/ debian i take it from the "/etc/apache2/sites-available" yes? Have had many fights with...
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    Anyone ever tried iRedmail for own Mail Server Setup?

    Have used it for the last 6 months, its exelent. "BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!"
  20. Maximum_VPS

    Overclock your brain today!

    Late to this but wow .... cant wait to see the effects "long term".