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  1. Hxxx

    vpsBoard is now adsBoard

    Just thinking about how ad spammy this forum has become. You are in the league of WHT if not far. Is it dead again? :)
  2. Hxxx

    Improving VPSBoard Discussions Right Panel

    Hello Community, Speaking for myself , I usually check the forum 1 or 2 times a week. I've been noticing that recently the panel located to the right called "VPSBoard Discussions" is being filled with random offers. While profit is an important part in maintaining a proper community, I think...
  3. Hxxx

    SolusVM panel strange event

    Hi, Today I was setting up a VPS in a provider that uses SolusVM. So to make the story short, i first reinstalled with centos 7, got stuck at some point with an incompatible package and the IUS repo, so I said well this is just for a quick deployment, I'll reinstall ubuntu (might have done...
  4. Hxxx

    HA in Digital Ocean

    This have been known for a little while, based on the features enabled in the control panel at DO, but today I found this explanation while looking over twitter. Here is the link to the article, is so nicely crafted that I prefer to just place the...
  5. Hxxx

    EIG acquires Constant Contact.

    It surprises me that nobody here posted this earlier. This means 3 possibilities: 1- Community is evolving and finally doesn't care of such things. 2- drmike is on vacation. 3- EIG hate is only hosting related and nobody cares about marketing. Link...
  6. Hxxx

    Oracle tells its customers to stop analyzing its code Source ^ : Whats your take on this? 
  7. Hxxx

    Let's talk about SPAM

    With all the due respect. I wish I could understand how is possible that so many Indian bots or human spam the domains with fake domain registration and or web design and shit seo offers. Shit I even had received real mail with fake notices and offers. I wish one could nuke all these requests...
  8. Hxxx

    Cloudways, Have you tried it? Opinions? Basically, a managed cloud service provider that relies on popular "cloud" providers. What are your thoughts?
  9. Hxxx

    Lets do a compilation of providers with inhouse control panels

    Hi Community, I remember that there was a list of providers with custom control panels / inhouse, somewhere, did a search here and was unable to find it.  In case that there is not one here, let's do one: From what I recall: 1- Digital Ocean 2- BuyVM 3- Vultr 4- Linode 5- ... Note: If...
  10. Hxxx

    Have a million to spend?

    This real-life mech suit only costs one million dollars Original Article:
  11. Hxxx

    Vultr Buglandia.

    This weekend I signed up with Vultr, deposited a few dollars, created a VM, all good, until that point. Had issued with the route to NY, so I though, hey I could just do snapshot and restore in another of their location. Requested the 1 snapshot, waited 2 hours, snapshot was never created...
  12. Hxxx

    NGINX Web Server issue. Time to load page

    Hi community, I'm having this particular issue, i dont know if is the nginx or what but i will tell you what I've tested and maybe you guys know what i'm missing. WinMTR tests to the website does not show significant packet loss, and the ping is a it should be, in this case from Puerto Rico to...
  13. Hxxx

    HostGuard ? Dead or Alive?

    Is HostGuard active in development?. Their forum has no activity. I see they advertise here (a banner)  but i don't see any feedback around.
  14. Hxxx ?

    Hi community I have been reading about . I found it by looking into the projects listed in DO website. It seems insteresting. Have you used it? Share your experience?
  15. Hxxx

    In search of a good helpdesk (self hosted)

    In search of a good helpdesk (self hosted) What do you use?  Not necessarily hosting oriented.
  16. Hxxx

    Reviews about ServerComplete?

    Have you used SC? How are they? Good? Awesome? Burstnet like? Please do share :) Thanks
  17. Hxxx

    [NSFW] Sexiest woman in the world

    Who is the sexiest woman actress/model in the world?  In your opinion. Up to 3 choices. My choices: Kate Beckinsale - Amber Heard - Evangeline Lilly
  18. Hxxx

    Encrypting /LVM Partition Ubuntu on KVM

    Disclaimer: I know the password will be kept in the memory of the node and blah blah. Just encrypting for peace.  Nothing important will be stored. And since SolusVM does not clean the space or like DO say's "Scrub", well you know the rest. -- Provider: RamNode KVM 1024. ISO: ubuntu 14.04...
  19. Hxxx

    Network related question

    For some reason this doubt pop up today while I was configuring some IP ranges. I'm not an expert in the overall network areas, judging by what " expert" truly means. This is the question. Can a the network address be assigned as usable IP and actually work? By mistake I configured the...
  20. Hxxx

    Voice chat room

    I remember there was a post about this, or related here, well if it was, my apologies. Didn't find it.  I think vpsBoard can offer the community some way of chatting using voice, it would be more fun than just typing on IRC. How about some ventrilo or teamspeak? Or maybe a better service...