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  1. dave

    IPv6 OpenVPN on OpenVZ VPS Questions

    I'd like to setup openvpn for ipv6.  I have a SecureDragon openvz vps that has /64 block of ipv6 assigned, but I can only add individual /128 ip addresses to the network.  Apparently openvz only supports the individual /128's with venet. Is there any way to get ipv6 working for openvpn on an...
  2. dave

    Openvpn 2.3.3 for CentOS 6.5

    I've been waiting for the new Openvpn 2.3.3 release that fixes the heartbleed bug to make it into the EPEL repository for CentOS, but it's taking forever. Is there an...
  3. dave

    No more free accounts from DynDNS

    Did you hear that dyndns is stopping the free accounts? Awhile back they added the requirement to login every 30 days to keep the free account active, but now it's going away altogether. I just switched my stuff to a free...
  4. dave

    SecureDragon VPS 1+ Year Review

    I’ve used SecureDragon for over a year now (since November 2012), and I wanted to give them credit for providing a great service. I’ve used many different services, and I think this is one of the best. SecureDragon became popular for providing small VPS’s with even less than 128MB RAM, and my...