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  1. sundaymouse

    RIJX closing down, "late refund requests processed partly through sale of hardware"

    I am not surprised, as $5 a year plan with 2 IPv4's isn't what I personally consider sustainable.  Here is the mass email:
  2. sundaymouse

    Paypal extends buyer dispute time limit to up to 180 days after purchase (in US)

    Not sure which forum this post belongs to best, feel free to move it if it suits better elsewhere. From Paypal's mass email and policy update: However, intangible items are still not covered by buyer protection. [LIST=1]
  3. sundaymouse

    Allow VPN clients access to local network

    Hello guys. Say if there is a standard PPTP installation on a VPS, and give clients connecting though PPTP VPN proxy access to the Internet. The local ip range for VPN clients are, with gateway at VPN operates on ppp0. I wish to grant all clients connected to VPN...
  4. sundaymouse

    Previously acquired is merged into Virtora, Jack departs

    It was a while ago when (previously owned by Mr Jack Septhon, known on the other forum as Jack007), was acquired by Mr Oktay Kilic, commonly known as ispirto or serverian.'s index page:
  5. sundaymouse

    Intel released their newest Xeon E7-8895 v2 Released a few days ago. Highlights: 15 Cores / 30 Threads in HT 2.8 GHz with TB 3.6GHz 37.5 MB Cache 22nm 155W Max Memory 1536GB ECC Max CPU Config...
  6. sundaymouse

    Watch out for your IPMI or KVM-over-IP

    Keep a good access control over them, or just don't leave them connected 24/7. Don't get yourself destroyed  :D
  7. sundaymouse

    Make use of VPSB's git hosting service?

    vpsBoard has a free git hosting service, in case anyone forgets: There are only 14 public repos so far, why don't we go a little more? Here is a shameful example, based on an IRC legendary:
  8. sundaymouse

    Your biggest pain as a provider

    I'll start the first discussion thread, if no one disapproves... What is your biggest on-neck pain when operating a relatively-small VPS business?
  9. sundaymouse

    Teh, hehe... Is he really talking about "blatant advertising", or just a veto to BuyVM's defection on his employer? Edit: now with screenshot: 
  10. sundaymouse

    BlueVM - S1-NY Disk Failure

    From their mass email to S1-NY Buffalo clients:
  11. sundaymouse

    Hardcloud launching their "Premium Virtual Private Servers"

    From their mass email: Looks like this email doesn't include actual offer details, I wonder how premium this service is :D :P